Daily Prompt – Impression


I have a dream!

To soar my wings into the wide blue yonder,

And reach for the stars.

To tread on a path defined by me,

learn, fall  and  grow.

 To swim the ocean of life

against all the currents.

Bestow faith in my abilities,

let my talent make an impression on you,

not my beauty,

 see me emerge victorious.

Let me live my dream!

I am unique, I am special

I am me, a girl!


Ic: Painting by my daughter.


Alphabet G – Girl

A to Z Challenge


Day #08 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Dear Men,

I am so proud to be a girl!

I dream, hope and aspire to be an equal

Do not label me a goddess,

all I ask is respect and dignity.

Always love to walk beside you, but at times

if I am a little ahead of you,

do not pull me back.

We are both faces of a coin

neither of us superior nor inferior.

Don’t strangle my dreams

or force your might on me.

Allow me to flap my wings

and soar into the open sky.

I may be a mother, daughter,

sister, a wife and a friend.

Each role in life, I essay

with perfect harmony.

I want to complement you

and not compete with you.

Don’t be threatened by me

I only want to walk along with you!


Yours sincerely,

A Girl

The Wait……



Waiting for her to pick us up,

As she used to many seasons ago,

The memories of those playful times still fresh,

Dressed in her pretty frock and sweet smile,

Her tiny hands cuddling us fondly,

Sleeping beside her pink pillow

Under the dimly lit night lamp,

Sharing her world of dreams and emotions,

Alas, now lost in oblivion,

Sitting quiet and gathering dust,

We wait for that little best friend of ours,

Who is now all grown up and long forgotten us!


In response to Tanya’s poetry challenge # 5


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