G – Gloomy Winter!

A to Z challenge : Nature and I

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Some find the bleary monotone of the placid winter very depressing. They feel stifled under the gloomy alabaster blanket. Bare branches burdened under the weight of the snow, the whining wind blowing with piercing bite of chill, hazy outlines against a misty backdrop, the sun doing the disappearing act, dampens their spirits.

But there is so much more happening under the frosty panorama. Things are on a hibernating mode during this cold season. Sitting indoors within the warmth of my cozy room, I indulge in frozen conversations with myself. I watch the snowfall out of my window. They swirl and pirouette with poise, before falling to the ground. They melt without a worry, accepting the law of the nature with grace. Winter showcases beauty in monochrome. To me it speaks in its hushed silence, nudging me to “just be”. It’s a time to be quiet and ruminate.

Winter forms our character and brings out our best – Tim Allen

The earth moves on unflinchingly on its course heralding a change in season. The first rays of spring thaw the frozen rhapsody, spurt tender green sprouts, before a burst of blooms adorn the landscape. Likewise, the thoughts ideate within me, to finally emerge brimming with vigor. Slowing down, definitely gives me an impetus to growth. Winter is a season for reflection, recovery, perseverance and rebuilding.

lingering season

the white winter solitude

confetti of thoughts


Who’ll feed me?

Image credit; Gabriella Clare Marino@ Unsplash

A small café out in the suburbs, I owned

sunshine hues ushered in a happy mood

regular clientele stayed loyal

life was modest, yet I was content, until last year.

Life has never been the same since,

with the doors of my café forced shut

the pandemic’s shadow cast a gloomy spell,

 lockdown came as an inexorable curse.

The affluent, whine about being confined indoors

but think not about the many like me.

I, who once served meals to so many

today, struggle to feed myself!

Sadje’s What do you see #78

V.J’s weekly Challenge : I’m Bored

Sidlak – Gloomy!

Storm Clouds, Clouds, Thunderstorm, Grey, Sky, Gloomy


set in monochrome

dull overcast canvas drifts

the breeze plays a melancholic tune

paints a gloomy grey picture!

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem ( no restriction on syllables) or the feelings of the writer.


In response to Helene’s weekly Tuesday challenge prompt , What do you see?


The frosty dark night,

under the blanket of melancholy

 frigid mind and frozen tears

weighed down  by the emotional tempest

lonely and desolate heart

hums a somber tune

drifting into slumber.


A dreamy reverie opens the door

the gentle breeze drapes me

in a warm blanket of hope

thaws the frozen tears

ushers in bright sunshine

paints the blistered soul

with a renewed  promise

of a new dawn filled

 with infinite solace!


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