Haiku – The Cactus!

selective focus photo of orange flower
Daniel Tuttle@unsplash.com

The lonesome heart pines

lost in the barren landscape

stoic demeanor

Scorching cloudless sky

survives the parched desert heat

resilient soul

Spiked outer armor

smiles through the blistered needles

a vibrant blossom


Scarlet Rage!

Alexas fotos@pixaby.com

Every summer, the mercury rises a couple of notches higher. Life on the planet sizzles under its sweltering heat. The sun shines on with gusto, exhaling a blazing inferno. By evening, the crimson golden lava from its scorching gaze, intertwines with the blue horizon, blanketing it under a fiery glare. It bleeds red hot ire.

hot summer evening

splash of feral livid trail

a marmalade sky

dVerse poets – Summer Haibun

Eugenias weekly prompt : intertwined

Fiery Heat!

ic : pixabay.com

Fiery heat casts a spell

on the dreary summer noon

green grass withers a tan,

the branches stand still,

water bodies parched to death,

birds scurry to quench their thirst,

the cicada’s trill, echoes anguish

nature lies defeated,

devoid of life

insipid, motionless

burning under the raging sun!



Mercury rising, blazing sun,

scorching heat, sticky clothes

sweat streaming down the brow,

withering trees, parched lakes

silent winds, famished birds

people all indoors!

Pool, ice-creams, juices

all just a temporary respite.

The forlorn eyes scanning the sky

in vain to look for the dark clouds

Oh, rains where are you hiding?

Bless  my land with your touch and

quench the thirsty souls with your nectar!








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