Gray and Black Dslr Camera Beside Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Idyllic location

cascading sunbeams,

bejeweled oceans

dancing dunes

majestic mountains

whispering valleys

green meadows

roaring wildlife

bucolic countryside

adventurous or romantic

with family or friends

luxury or budget

adrenaline high or peaceful calm

vacations always rejuvenate!


The Discovery!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #114, to write a tale based on the pic, in 280 characters or less.

Photo by MabelAmber at


Granny’s old house in the village had no gadgets. The boys were forced to spend lazy afternoons playing in the huge garden.

An excited shriek from them broke the silence one noon. Inside the hollow, they found an owl sitting near a box full of magic potions and a wand!

Letter count 271


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