Haiku – Pensive Tides!

Image credit: Kelly Ann Tan on Unsplash

I have written 2 haiku for Reena’s picture prompt. They can be read in continuity or as two distinct haiku.

Abusive childhood

wallflower disposition

behavior issues

Orphanage to home

contemplative reflection

family at last?




The golden morning  sunshine brings in

gleaming rays of positive light

the whiff of fresh air

brings with it nature’s fragrance

the songs of the chirpy sparrows

sing a beautiful melody

the dancing blooms in the verandah

greet me with a smile

the children’s giggles and laughter

fills the rooms with an infectious mood

the aromas wafting from the kitchen

lovingly dishes out culinary delights

memories created over a life time

the pain shared together

obstacles overcome, dreams realised

bond us soundly as a unit

the feel and comfort of everything

bestows an immense sense of security

wrapped with love, care and warmth,

a humble abode, where I dwell

fills my heart with overflowing joy

making it home sweet home!


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