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Ideas tussle to come forth, jostling for my attention. But busyness keeps me on my toes to pay heed to them. Finally, when I do sit in front of the laptop, they turn frigid and decide to abandon me, in retaliation.  I mull on helplessly, as my thoughts suddenly seem to have gone into hibernation. I stare at the static page and it glares back at me with a mean coldness. My fingers go numb as I make a desperate attempt to type on the frozen keys.  With no choice, I wait for the inclement weather to pass, in hope that tomorrow’s sunshine will thaw the frosty barrenness from my mind’s creative corner.

mind’s sterile landscape

words drift to oblivion

a transient season

dverse Monday Haibun : Writer’s block


Ideas and Thoughts!


How do ideas or thoughts to write come to you? Do they come in……


Like a thunder out of the blue, in a flash

and keys type in, at lightning speed?


Like the burning desert sand, under the scorching sun

the thoughts , vent out ,seething ire?


Like the caress of the halcyon zephyr in the azure sky

the thoughts compose beautiful verses of love?


Like the serene waters in deep meditative trance

 the words seek to find an answer, beyond cosmic realm?


Like the dull foreboding grey monotone sky

the writings spill out melancholic odes?


Like a long forgotten idea in hibernation

thawed by the warm sunshine, blossoming into a beautiful poetry?


Like the sultry moonlight between the glitterati of twinkling stars

igniting an ardent passion of words, culminating in a union?


Like the downpour from the heavenly skies, nurturing life,

your thoughts ink to inspire and motivate mankind?


How do thoughts and ideas to write, come to you? Do share.



Docking at the “Port of Blog”

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Just anchored my ship at

the port of blog

A beautiful place

I must say.

Sauntering around

I come across

many who have

docked here for long

Enjoying the expanse of freedom

to create a symphony of words

and share with the world

their triumphs and failures

thoughts and reflections.

Be it a seamless tapestry of poetry

or an intense conversation,

be it a friendly banter,

or a gripping story

be it colourful strokes from the painters palette

or bringing alive a picture through their lens,

Some tickling the laughter buds

while others making a point

Exploring and discovering

learning and growing

In this fascinating journey of pen and paper

having a sublime union of thoughts and words

culminating into beautiful writings from the heart.

I would like to dwell in

this paradise which

reflects diverse ideas and perspectives

of people from all over

truly “a global port

when ideas set sail, becomes a

A Blog portal !!






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