Tanka – Freedom


India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day today.  A dream I see take shape for my country is redefining its freedom in the truest sense.

redefine freedom

uncage the archaic systems

empower values

shape our country’s destiny

herald a better future!


A very Happy Independence Day !


United India!


Differentiating between

religion, caste and colour

obliterating lessons of humanity

creating islands for himself

by the boundaries of

trivial and mindless demarcations,

drawn by the imbecilic humans,

lost in the wave of animosity

drowning love in its intensity!

But ,

I hope, our soul awakens

from the ignorant slumber

to ignite a fine ray of hope

to end this apathy

and redefine the ambit

to include brotherhood

and to leave a legacy

of a country endowed

with life without territories!



Dreams to be fulfilled…..




An onset of a tempest brews within, when people put on a veil of ignorance,

when unruly waves of indifference drowns many in its flow,

when plunderers in the guise of rulers silently kill,

we lament the gradual death of the soul.


Oh ! Did your freedom go in vain, in the eons of time?

The martyrs who valiantly chose to rest on your earthy bosom,

whose widows swallowed silent tears,

when the infinite sea of fighters united

to drape you in the tranquil costume of freedom.


Not all is lost, dear Mother

a glimmer of hope quells the darkness,

when selfless crusaders stride on a march

chanting slogans of equality for all

with a dream to see you, O Mother!

In your natural splendour,

where the belly’s don’t feel the hunger,

children tread on a path of knowledge,

a women is not robbed of her dignity,

where  home is not a privilege of a few,

where the only religion followed is that of

humanity and brotherhood

where love and peace dwell for eternity.


Let’s join hands together to realise this dream

to make our motherland proud of all her children.


Image courtesy: crossbordermedifly.com



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