Monsoon Nirvana!

person walking on road between green grass field during daytime

Monsoon bells ring in the month of August, as the entire Indian peninsula is under a cloud cover. The country revels, as pellets of rains kiss the parched earth, providing much relief from the sweltering heat that saps all energy. Fresh organic landscapes replace the arid barren plains. The insipid leaves indulge in an emerald green makeover, insects cavort around in trilling conversations, meandering rivers swell with gushing pride, pastures hide under a lush grassy duvet, farmers send in a prayer of gratitude and romantic hearts drench in amorous reverie.  Man and nature rejoice, under the magical spell of the rains.

heavenly showers

verdure poetic canvas

monsoon nirvana

dversepoets Haibun Monday : August


Photography – Carvings & Sculptures!

Scabrous edges blend
chiseled emotions transform
grand creative art

Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi

The temple chariot

Sun Temple, Konark

Shilpagram, Udaipur

Cholamandalam Art Village, Chennai

Cee’s Black & White photo challenge : Statues, sculptures and carvings

Romancing the Mountains!

Pristine clouds waft

at their own pace

dance with the winds

crooning careless whispers

The mighty Himalayas

sentries of the north citadel

rugged and macho, stand tall

their persona emits a majestic aura

Beneath a misty veil

a rendezvous at the peak

kisses moist with the icy breeze

they entwine in a flirtatious embrace

A dreamy passion lingers

the heaven rising affair

casts a mystic allure

inks an ethereal romance.

In response to V.J’s weekly challenge #102 : Pace

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Mighty

Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan…

Was drenched in a wave of nostalgia, as I visited Mumbai last week after 16 long years….a city where I spent a good part of my growing up years! Nothing much had changed….only more people, more vehicles, more buildings…..but yet there is something magical about this city!

Weary feet tread along,

the wheels always on the move

carry the burdened shoulders, without a smirk

waves crash against the shore, with a sense of urgency

time and tide wait for none here.


Aspiring dreams find wings to soar

the glitz and glamour bedazzle the naked eye

there is a seamless amalgam of food, religion and people

the grandeur of festive celebrations is unparalleled.


Mafia and the underbelly, a dark reality

fragmented destinies lie scattered

rains and resilience flow together

sweaty brows overpower the fragrant scents

silhouettes stand tall against the swarm of slums.


A city that never sleeps

is defined by extreme contrasts

yet, boasts of a magnanimous character

as it embraces all into its fold!

Tanka – Freedom


India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day today.  A dream I see take shape for my country is redefining its freedom in the truest sense.

redefine freedom

uncage the archaic systems

empower values

shape our country’s destiny

herald a better future!


A very Happy Independence Day !

United India!


Differentiating between

religion, caste and colour

obliterating lessons of humanity

creating islands for himself

by the boundaries of

trivial and mindless demarcations,

drawn by the imbecilic humans,

lost in the wave of animosity

drowning love in its intensity!

But ,

I hope, our soul awakens

from the ignorant slumber

to ignite a fine ray of hope

to end this apathy

and redefine the ambit

to include brotherhood

and to leave a legacy

of a country endowed

with life without territories!



होली – Holi


पेड़ो पर नयी पत्तिया अंकुरित होते है

नन्ही कालिया खिलती है, कोयल की कूक गूंजती अम्बुआ में

नयी बहार नयी उमंगो के साथ फागुन ले आया होली की सौगात

रंगों की इंद्रधनुष सजाती है चित्र सुनहरा

मानो चित्रकार ने सारा शहर गुलाल से रंग दिया हो

होलिका दहन के साथ जला  दी बुराई , प्यार और श्रद्धा को गले लगाया

भेद भाव सब  भुला, गिलेशिकवे  सारे माफ़ कर,

हर्ष और उल्लाहस के साथ सब मिलझुल कर खेले होली

नाच, गाना, मिठाइयों के बीच , बच्चे , बूढ़े सब झूमे

पिचकारी संग भिगो या गुब्बारे

यह है त्यौहार रंगों का, खुशियो का, आओ खेले होली !

आप सब को होली ही हार्दिक शुभ कामनायें!!


The trees sprout new leaves, the tender buds blossom,

The cuckoo’s singing echoes in the mango orchards

With new glory and exhultaion, spring ushers in the gift of Holi

The rainbow of colours paint a beautiful picture

As if an artist has painted the town with different hues

We burn all evil with Holika dahan and embrace love and faith

The discrimination wiped clean and differences forgiven

With joy and merriment people play holi

Music, dance and sweets enjoyed by young and old

As they get drenched with pichkari* or balloons

This is a festival of colours and happiness.

Come let’s play holi!

Wishing you a Happy and Colourful Holi!

*water gun


Let’s have a Happy Diwali

A time to rejoice and celebrate,

families gather, over a lavish feast.

Array of flowers, lanterns and colourful rangoli,

lamps  brighten the autumn night,

welcoming the goddess of wealth

mirth, gaiety and splendour

echo all around the country side!

The night sky bursts into sparkling glitter,

the air reverberates with the sounds  of the crackers .

Amid the joyous spirit and prayers,

where the good triumphs over the evil,

let’s burn our egos and embrace humility.

Let’s pause to see those woe filled faces,

for whom life is yet another dark night

without laughter or light,

let’s pledge to bring smiles to their faces.

Let’s remember to offer a sincere prayer

for all those soldiers away from their families

on this festive night and so many other nights.

Let’s learn from the lamp we light this Diwali

to radiate cheer all around us and brighten lives.

Let’s be the reason for someone’s smile,

Let’s be the hand to feed a hungry soul,

Let humanity and gratitude be the new mantra of

A happy Diwali!



किन्तु परन्तु अपितू – But, but, but…….


कोई भी विद्यार्थी से उनके प्रिय

विषय  के बारे में पुछा तो होगा,

जवाब अनेक मिले होंगे


क्या कभी किसी को हिंदी बोलते हुए सुना?

भाई ! मेरे कान यह सुनने के लिए तरस गए

देश भर सैकड़ो स्कूल में घूम चूका हूँ

परन्तु अभी तक एक भी मित्र न बना पाया

न जाने क्या दुश्मनी है बच्चो  को मुझसे?

शिकायत हमेशा करते है

क्यों पढ़े हम हिंदी, पूछते है वो,

बोलना तो ठीक है, पर कहाँ आज कल लिखता है कोई

नौकरी के तलाश में जाओ तो

अंग्रेजी आना बहुत ज़रूरी है

कोई यह नहीं पूछता , आप हिंदी बोलते है?

मुझे राष्ट्र भाषा का सम्मान दिया है

लेकिन बच्चो से दोस्ती के लिए में तरसता हूँ

किन्तु, परन्तु, अपितू

ऐसा सौतेला व्यवहार मेरे साथ क्यों?


But, but, but…..

You may have asked many a student

 about his favourite subject

they may have given you many answers

English, Geography, Math, Science

But have you heard anyone say Hindi?

hey ! my ears are dying to hear this

I have travelled to schools across the country

But have not yet befriended anyone

I wonder why the children dislike me?

“Why should I study Hindi?” they ask?

“Its fine to converse, but who writes in Hindi these days”

To face an interview

it is essential to know English

Nobody asks, “Do you know Hindi?”

I have the honour of being the national language

But I crave for friendship with children

But, but, but

why is this step-motherly treatment given to me?

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Dreams to be fulfilled…..




An onset of a tempest brews within, when people put on a veil of ignorance,

when unruly waves of indifference drowns many in its flow,

when plunderers in the guise of rulers silently kill,

we lament the gradual death of the soul.


Oh ! Did your freedom go in vain, in the eons of time?

The martyrs who valiantly chose to rest on your earthy bosom,

whose widows swallowed silent tears,

when the infinite sea of fighters united

to drape you in the tranquil costume of freedom.


Not all is lost, dear Mother

a glimmer of hope quells the darkness,

when selfless crusaders stride on a march

chanting slogans of equality for all

with a dream to see you, O Mother!

In your natural splendour,

where the belly’s don’t feel the hunger,

children tread on a path of knowledge,

a women is not robbed of her dignity,

where  home is not a privilege of a few,

where the only religion followed is that of

humanity and brotherhood

where love and peace dwell for eternity.


Let’s join hands together to realise this dream

to make our motherland proud of all her children.


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