My wrinkles hold many memories tucked between their folds,

to be buried with me.

Today, I look into the mirror,

 proud of each scar I carry, each joy I experienced.

As the moonlight casts its lambent glow,

I smile, celebrating my journey of life.

44 words

dVerse qaurdrille #155 : celebrate


Tanka – Diwali!

Pandemic days ebb

pirouetting flames of diya*

brightens festive mood

vibrant emotions dazzle

heralds celebration time

The dark shadows of the virus seem to drift away, as the winds of normalcy brings in a much-needed reprieve. With all things opening up and life returning to pre covid times, we pray for a better tomorrow. Hoping the sparkling conversations and sounds of laughter replace the din and smog of the crackers. Let’s illuminate our earth with the dazzle of love and peace.

Happy Diwali to all !

*earthen lamp

Let’s Make Memories!

Let me revel in the joy of holding you in my arms

 capture that priceless euphoria in my heart.

Let me bask in admiring your innocent beauty

feeding and burping you, taking you out on a stroll,

serenading in your gurgles and toothless grins.

Let your unbridled laughter reverberate loud.

I promise to be patient, tolerating your naughty pranks

maybe, a small reprimand for a wrong you do.

I’ll be by your side when tears flow down,

tending to your bruised knees and scraped elbows.

Grow up to a life of endless possibilities.

Paint your world with colors of curiosity and imagination,

 catch butterflies, climb mountains and enjoy picnics.

Together, we’ll explore the fairy tales and fantasy world.

You my little darling, are the best gift to me.

So, lets weave together beautiful memories of your childhood,

before you flap your wings and soar high into the skies.

Sadje’s WDYS #87

Daily Prompt – Surreal


I left my friends in their slumber world and trekked along the path. I hadn’t driven miles into nature to miss the beautiful sunrise. I was happy I took that decision, for the sight that welcomed me was surreal. The twilight was fading away to make way for the golden rays of the sun seeping in through the misty landscape. The crimson rays enveloped and caressed the entire panorama with all its love and warmth. The bird’s chirp added a melody to the graceful sway of the dew drops on the leaves. My heart fluttered to the silky touch of the petals dancing in gay abandon in the morning breeze. I watched the meandering butterflies whispering secret messages to the flowers. I sat there in a trance, mesmerised by the magic of the mystical morning. A sense of euphoria engulfed me as I marvelled at the handiwork of nature!

Celebrations – Spirit & joy

Happy anniversary Colleen. Wishing you many more. It’s always a pleasure writing for your prompts!




time to celebrate a year

the festive spirit

haiku, tanka or haibun

poetry that brings us joy!



Resilient spirit

tough challenges accomplished

the heart swells with joy!


In response to Colleen’s poetry challenge #52 (Anniversary special) – Spirit & Joy


Little joys of life!

Life, I believe should be lived to enjoy the plenty of small little everyday joys!

Being trapped in a rigmarole of everyday life, it is always a challenge to maintain a perfect work – leisure balance. The weekdays zip past in meetings, deadlines, family, after school activities for kids….the list goes on. Weekends is all about catching up on the many personal chores. All of this drains out our energy with hardly any time for relaxing and “living life fully “

Being lost in this web of trying to get some sanity into a hectic life, I chanced to read a few beautiful lines sometime back. Would love to share it with all of you.

“ Most of us miss out on life’s big prizes

The Pultizer, The Nobel, Oscars or the Tonys

But we are all eligible for life’s small pleasures

A pat on the back, a peck on the cheek,

A great meal, hot soup, cold beer,

An empty parking space, a glorious sunset, a full moon!

Don’t fret about not getting life’s grand awards

Enjoy its tiny delights,

There are plenty for all of us “

Isn’t it beautiful?

Let the magnetic force of these tiny joys fill our lives with smiles and happiness!

“A great life is nothing but a series of great memories woven together! “ (Anonymous)

Pep up a little fun into your life with little joys. Breathe in a whiff of fresh air into your life. 

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”



3 day Quote challenge – Day 3


Once again a big thank you to Sasha for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge.  Here is the final one!

It’s all about Money! Unfortunately our society defines a person’s success by his wealth. Of course, one can’t deny the fact that money is important to lead a decent life. But the question is how much? Keeping pace with the constant struggle to earn more, saps one’s energy. Trapped in a viscous circle of earning more and spending more, one is unable to break free!

Each individual needs to make a choice of what is more important to him. In the constant grind of life, people miss out on the small joys of life. Such simple pleasures , add a beautiful dimension to life, which even the richest man cannot buy.  One needs to experience and feel them. Take a pause and indulge in those joys which money can’t buy. For everything else there is Master Card………. 😉

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