The year that was…


Grappling with the virus for a couple of years now, we are still trying to understand its variants and mutations. Scientists around the world are working tirelessly to bring in a panacea of sorts. While the vaccine does mitigate the effect of the attack, convincing the masses to take the jab, has also been a daunting task. Every time we seem to tread towards a semblance of normalcy, a new strain comes out, causing dread among the people.

Plans went awry, virtual and online modes became a way of life, mental health challenges came to the fore, sealed borders kept family members away, livelihoods were lost, dreams crushed… life derailed for many. The world experienced devastating effect of the virus. While we heard many endearing instances of people fight a brave battle against the invisible enemy, death knocked on the doors for many. The medical fraternity rising above their call of duty with relentless service, the common man joining hands together to garner help in every way possible was truly heartwarming, filling us with the hope that not all is lost. Man has learnt to accept, adapt and bounce back with resilience.

A cauldron of emotions flowed out during the year. Pain, agony, grief, heartbreak, fear and anxiety dominated our lives. Yet, on the other hand, bravery, kindness, empathy and selfless helping hands also rose up, adding a silver lining to the otherwise bleak scenario.

As we get ready to bid adieu to 2021, I look back at the year that it was and move forward with my learnings from it.

The pandemic definitely taught us to be prepared for unpredictability. Going by man’s callous attitude towards the environment, the frenzied pace at which he seems to be devouring the resources of the planet, volatility could just become a part of life. We need to brace ourselves with it.

Health is a priority. Invest in it, indulge in self-care, exercise without excuses. Make” balance and moderation” a key motto in life.

 Each new dawn we wake up breathing, is a precious gift. Appreciate the gift of today, be mindful of the blessings it showers on us and lace it with a prayer of gratitude.

We create excess baggage in life, burdening ourselves with never ending desires and frivolous wants. The pandemic taught us that one can lead a very comfortable life, being a minimalist.

Seek happiness in little joys, befriend a positive attitude, contribute to sustainability, lend a helping hand, stay away from all forms of toxicity and cherish the love and blessings of family and friends.

Finally reflect within. Along with material wealth, enrich your soul with spiritual growth as well.

As I type this, the Omicron strain is gripping the world at large. Hoping that the effect of this strain, will not be as bad as its predecessor.

Here is wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2022! Take care and stay safe !


Will we make the right choice?


Life’s roads, so unpredictable

a sudden brake, brings the car

to a screeching halt.

The meandering roads show

no sign of destination,

the path ahead looks eerily dark.

A glimmer of hope

peeps in through the obscure maze

tiny luminaries twinkle bright

an effulgent moonlight beams

its magical smile,

lights up the route,

for life to move on!

This poem depicts the current situation of our life. The minute virus brought life across the globe to a grinding halt. Man felt he was armored with invincibility, making forays with such advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets. It took an infinitesimal microbe to get man on his knees and make him utterly helpless.

I hope wisdom prevails and man uses his intellect to learn an invaluable lesson from this bitter experience.

While I always like to end things on a positive note, I would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think we will mend our ways to a better tomorrow or will we tread back on the same path all over again?

Lessons to be learnt…


We the flowers come in a

myriad hues, making us special.

Our fragrance, rarity or looks

further enhance our beauty.

Never do we compete

with one another but

complement and complete

each other, holding hands.

Be it at the altar or in a bouquet,

at the shrine or a festival.

At the garden swaying

in harmony to the

gentle breeze and admiring glances,

we infuse happiness and smiles

across the miles!

I often ponder, that there is so much for us to learn from these pretty flowers. Some are wild, some so delicate, some are short lived while some stay bloomed for months, the fragrance of some mesmerize while some others are an epitome of beauty. Each one so unique and beautiful in their own way and yet all of them, so happy with their “being”, without an iota of envy creeping in.

They seem to be the perfect example of unity and beauty in diversity.

Then why is Man, the most intelligent species, always competing with each other to be one up? Why does he fail to learn from all other components of nature who live in perfect harmony?

Are we really the most intelligent?

Lessons from nature!


At twilight, the setting sun paints a masterpiece on the expansive canvas with swirls of crimson, tangerine and marmalade. At times it puts up a benign face, while at other times a riot of pinks and blues intensify into a deep mauve, before fading into darkness. Though this beauty is momentary, it ensures a new look every single evening as it readies to move, on its onward journey. The fact that in today’s busy world, people hardly pause to admire this beautiful blessing at dusk, doesn’t make an iota of difference to its creative play of colors. Its artistic flair continues unabated, without a feeling of remorse at the lack of appreciation.

Just musing over this thought, I often wonder, do we humans have this attitude in us? We always strive for some form of recognition or praise for a job well done, be it at work or home. It deflates our morale when we don’t see that acknowledgement coming our way. Do we still continue to give it our best or do we whine and crib, before eventually abandoning it?

What do you do in such a situation? Do share, if this picture is familiar to you and how have you moved forward? I am sure it will help many of us to deal with it better including me 😉




Inspiring Personalities!


What is common among…….

  • Walt Disney, Harrison Ford, Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Being in the wrong profession earlier, they had the courage to listen to their heart and start afresh.

  • Mother Teresa, Hellen Keller, Florence Nightingale?

These are people who believed in the art of giving and helping the lesser privileged ones, with always a smile on their face.

  • Nick Vujicic, Deepa Malik, Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller?

Despite a physical challenge, they went onto prove that once you make up your mind, nothing is impossible.

  • K. Rowling, Amitabh Bachhan, Colonel Sanders, Michael Jordon?

In spite of multiple rejections these people refused to give up and went on to become world famous.

There are many living examples of people around us displaying admirable grit and courage, fighting against adversaries to emerge champions.

How often have you come close to giving up on your dreams, how often has rejection left you heart broken, how many decisions in life have you regretted not taken? We tend to blame our failures and eventually lose faith and give up.

But the above personalities refused to be bogged down by failures and challenges. They kept their faith and marched on, in spite of the obstacles, till they realised their dreams.

How are they different from us? No, they are just like you and me. The only thing that has helped them reach the pinnacle is that they never gave up. They have qualities of humility, courage, vision, never give up attitude and always a positive outlook as their mantra for life. No matter how bleak their path ahead looked, they refused to let go of these qualities. They consider failure as a stepping stone and bounce back resilient, after a setback. That is why they are an inspiration to the entire world!

Let’s look up to them and follow our passion earnestly. Who knows, one among us will inspire many others tomorrow !!



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