The Letters!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 134, to write a tale in 280 letters or less on the given prompt.

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They had celebrated their silver jubilee anniversary recently, and were an example of a perfect couple still in love.

Her recent death had left him shattered. While clearing her closet, he found a bundle of love letters.

Did he really know her, after all those years together?

Letter count 278


An Envelope-My story!


Yes, you guessed it right. I am an envelope, the carrier of messages across the world.

A simple sheet of paper and some adhesive is all that is required to create me. But I am glad that from my insipid and dull persona, people have given me a makeover. I now feel so colourful and attractive. I am basking in all the attention my looks are able to garner ❤ !

I am the bearer of the news to people across different countries.  I travel the globe, even to the remotest corner of the world, without a passport. Ain’t  I lucky ;-).

I have had the privilege to deliver the good and the bad news.

Many a smile I have brought to their faces, when I arrive with pleasant stories and news. The birth of a young one, a promotion order, a cheque enclosed, an invitation, a holiday itinerary, and son returning home and so on.

But when I am the harbinger of sad news, my tender shoulders hurt carrying the emotional burden sealed within me. I am not allowed to share it with any of my other mates too.  I dread to face the scenes of gloom with tears overflowing generously from the heart broken souls.

These days, thanks to the rapid development of technology, I am getting a lot of rest. My travel has reduced tremendously. They are mostly official trips. Since I have also reached a ripe old age, this suits me fine. Also the emotional burden off my shoulders is a huge relief, as people use the mobiles to convey the unpleasant news.

Just a few more years of life in me. Then you all will pay your tributes for the wonderful work I did all my life. Maybe an obituary in the Newspaper as a mark of respect for my selfless service.” R. I. P – The envelope”


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