Leap of Faith!

The corporate world beckoned me with propitious propositions

with a cache of dreams, wrapped with sincere efforts

I embarked on the journey in earnest pursuit,

the promise of a bright future, calling out loud.

With time, the grooves of stress deepened

harried life style became a way of life

 work life balance, was on a precarious edge

frustrated sighs detonated to anguished screams.

Reflecting on the aftermath of an emotional detritus

I collected the scattered fragments of myself.

Infused with a renewed vigor to start afresh,

I tread on the road less traveled, with a leap of faith!

Sadje’s WDYS #86



In response to Kat’s twittering tale#159, to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the given pic prompt.

Photo by Pexels at Pixabay.com

The initial few years of marriage was bliss for Ron and Uma. Slowly Ron got sucked into the virtual web, that he found it impossible to come out of it. Unable to continue a life with him, Uma filed for a divorce on the grounds that he had turned a “technoholic”!

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Do you agree….?

In today’s world, technology has made inroads into every household and is indispensable. While one can’t deny its myriad benefits, to use it wisely is something we need to learn. Like quicksand we are getting sucked into its web, ignoring a life beyond it. In many cases it is taking a toll on our social and personal life. Lets work towards keeping it a boon and before it turns into a bane!



The mobile…


The old alarm clock, all keyed

would wake me up with a shrill

without an option of a snooze

now, my mobile does it!


The camera loaded with a roll

a willing companion on all holidays

met with an untimely death,

thanks to the mobile.


The library was a haven

to satiate the questioning mind

books were man’s best friend

now, the mobile answers it all!


Indulgence in shopping

was a rare extravaganza

a well planned outing

Now, my mobile shops for me from home!


Squeals of delight on

getting my first calculator

still echo in my ears

now, my mobile has replaced it!


Back then, kids were always outdoors

with the lazy noon spent

playing board games

but now they have the mobiles!


Accompanying dad to the bank

standing in the queue

to get the job done

now, it’s all on the mobile.


Meeting with family and friends

was a favourite pastime

today its only a virtual connect

which the mobile does!


My world was a beautiful balance

of people, things and activities

but now,

my world is my mobile !!


Isn’t it true that in a matter of a decade the mobile has revolutionised our lifestyle and laid to rest so many of the simpler gadgets which were an integral part of our lives?


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