Are you in the Present?

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The mind travels without an agenda

awakening the memories of the past, from its slumber,

hijacking our today,

 into the unknown fears of the future.

 Oscillating between the two ends of the spectrum

our “now” sacrificed at the altar of this tussle.

The key is just a simple choice we make

from the millions of moments that weave our life

lease not, your present, to yesterdays and tomorrows

for they are tenants who only add heartaches and anxieties.

In this transient world, all that matters is “Now”,

for the living in the present is the best gift to self!

Dodoggocafe’s poetry prompt : Key, travel, choices



The one who

charts his own path

keeps the child in him alive

touches lives

spreads smiles across the miles

follows his heart

dares to dream

pumps up his adrenaline

enlivens each moment

creates imprints in the sands of time

nourishes his soul

practices gratitude

connects with people

only then

he is alive and living


he only exists!


Eugi’s weekly prompt : Alive


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