The Question Remains…

Lock Down, Lock, Year, Nostalgia, Era, Door, Metal

Lock down changed life forever

redefined many facets.

We tasted virtual reality bites

embraced a minimalistic approach,

nature rejuvenated, when we were caged.

Emotions came about in a mixed bag.

Familial bonds recharged with great vigor

skills honed, connections renewed.

Some had to endure the pangs of separation,

mental health issues rocked a few.

The health workers are true warriors

fighting an enemy unknown.

The harsh plight of migrant workers

brought to fore, many kind souls amongst us,

 reaching out with helping hands,

 the blessed, bowed down in gracious thanksgiving.

Now all masked up, as we unlock our cages,

this question continues to torment me…

Will man emerge wiser from the pandemic?

will we respect this freedom now


will we go back to our old ways?

Reena’s exploration Challenge #163

V. J’s weekly challenge #123 Warriors


I lost myself!!


Cleaning, Cleaning Service, Cleaning House, Cleaner
ic:Lily Cantabile

A quarter of a year gone by,

since the lock down

Now, stay home bound

is the new normal,

I see no signs of any change soon,

work from home the latest mantra.

Parties, movies and holidays

seem things of yore

eating out, no more…

My dresses, jewelry idling

in the closet,

without an occasion to flaunt them.

The shoes and sandals thoroughly bored,

let out a yawn

under a cozy blanket of dust

cosmetics and accessories, untouched

lie on the dresser, losing sheen

nearing their expiry date.


I observe them from afar,

wondering ,

will they ever see

the light of the day?


These days my

pyjamas and tees are over worked

my hair seems always messed up,

office, chores, cooking and cleaning

consume me all day long.



The mirror screamed today

when I tried to look into it,

Oh no! who is that staring at me?

Where have I lost myself?

I wondered!!


Eugi’s weekly prompt : Observation


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