Where did I lose her?

Image credit; Tim Hüfner @ Unsplash

I look back in time to see a

 tiny shadow caper around,

up to her frivolous antics.

Her cherubic smile

complements her  vivacious spirit.

She embraces mirth in

life’s tiny delights,

living each moment,

without a care of being judged.

Complacent and forgiving by nature

she is unafraid to explore.

For, she is a bohemian soul.

Today, I look at my shadow.

Its all grown and groomed,

cast in the societal mould.

Always on tenterhooks ,

worrying, has become a way of life.

 The labyrinth of emotional complexities

overwhelms me.

Frowns have replaced my smiles

sadly, I define my own limitations.

I just exist, forgetting to live.

I wonder,

Why and when did I estrange myself

from my once effervescent self?

I know not…

But, I guess its never too late,

 to reconnect with my inner child,

to kindle that lost spark.

Oh! we are long lost friends

who have a lot of catching up to do!!

Sadje’s : WDYS # 61


I lost myself!!


Cleaning, Cleaning Service, Cleaning House, Cleaner
ic:Lily Cantabile @pixabay.com

A quarter of a year gone by,

since the lock down

Now, stay home bound

is the new normal,

I see no signs of any change soon,

work from home the latest mantra.

Parties, movies and holidays

seem things of yore

eating out, no more…

My dresses, jewelry idling

in the closet,

without an occasion to flaunt them.

The shoes and sandals thoroughly bored,

let out a yawn

under a cozy blanket of dust

cosmetics and accessories, untouched

lie on the dresser, losing sheen

nearing their expiry date.


I observe them from afar,

wondering ,

will they ever see

the light of the day?


These days my

pyjamas and tees are over worked

my hair seems always messed up,

office, chores, cooking and cleaning

consume me all day long.



The mirror screamed today

when I tried to look into it,

Oh no! who is that staring at me?

Where have I lost myself?

I wondered!!


Eugi’s weekly prompt : Observation


Lost in the Wilderness…

In response to The Sunday Whirl, #443 to weave the above words together.

The trek into the woods with friends went totally awry. The adventurous I, ventured off limits. The tumble down the slope, left me bruised and alone.

Lost in the wilderness, I tried to figure a way out. The air reeked of pungent forest smells. Howl and cries of the wild beasts echoed. Dark foreboding clouds loomed over the dense canopy of trees. The silhouettes seemed to draw an eerie imagery against the darkness. My heart was pounding loud. I felt something move slyly to my side and let out a shriek. Taking to my heels, I turned and ran far. Panting and gasping for breath, I eased my steps a bit.

Suddenly I felt a piercing pain grip through my arm. I could feel blood trickling down. Fear and panic gripped me. I felt myself losing control, when a pair of strong arms held me before I slipped into a dark void….

Where is the festive spirit?

In response to Eugenia’s ( BrewNSpewCafe ) writing challenge : Festive

Sweets, Indian Sweets, South Indian Sweets

The booming economy and changing times

have diluted the essence of celebrations.

Festivals, which reflected cultural tradition

today is more about flaunting riches.

The warmth of cohesive affability is

replaced by instant gratification.

Instagram is bombarded with

pictures of the pomp and grandeur displayed.

Fragrance and bonhomie of the festive spirit

sadly, remains obscure and scattered.

The art of listening!


Sculpture, Bronze, The Listening, Listen To, To Listen

Conversations flow

tongues wag

soft whispers

loud banters

everyone is busy

exercising their mouth

but who is listening?

Ears seem to be

an ornamental piece

in the face….

It seems to have

forgotten its function,

the art of listening!

Today, if you have noticed people always want their voice to be heard, but lack the patience to listen. Effective or active listening like other precious traits is becoming a rarity.  They ask a question and do not have the willingness or the ear to hear you out.

Parents don’t give a conscious ear to their child’s small talks, as their phones keep them busy,  the husband is busy watching an interesting match to lend a patient hearing to his wife, the colleague is busy working on a presentation when you speak, friends cut you through as you talk….. am sure many of you can relate to these scenarios.

Today, the art of actively listening is becoming a lost virtue. Do you agree?



Don’t rob my innocence!

In response to Helene’s What do you see weekly challenge, to write a post the pic prompt.


The tiny feet caper merrily

walks on the path of life

enjoying the wondrous sight

with curiosity and awe,

discovers boundless treasures

falters, learns and assimilates

savoring the magic of nature

rearing to hold infinity in his palms,


his sentinels grab him, to cast him into a mold

burden his tender shoulders with a load too heavy

bundle him on an assembly line

stamp him with fear and anxiety

confine his growth within the societal norms

rob him of his innocence, shred his soul,

churn out an end product –  a successful living robot!

Alphabet L – Lost!

A to Z Challenge


Day 14 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Bustling streets, screeching tyres,

blaring sirens, blinking lights,

blowing horns, choking voices,

smoky air, buildings galore

depleting trees, warmer days,

hooting trains, traffic snarls,

Lost in the chaotic city!


Malicious minds, venomous tongues

shattering dreams,  scattered feelings

illusionary happiness, tired souls,

heated infernos, eroding values

disconnected families, strained relationships,

Lost in the waves of emotional behaviour!


Mired in the mayhem of

turbulent perceptions,

in the mundane and humdrum,

in the anarchic lifestyle

the mind and  the soul

wander in search to emerge

out of the crooked maze

rambling like nomads,

Totally lost!


What is your solution to get you out of confusion?

Image result for confusion
image courtesy :npr.org

Bewildered, puzzled and lost,

in the maze of your myriad thoughts,

you start to hear the cacophony of ideas,

embroiled in a tangle of reasoning,

when clarity abandons you,

you are unsure of the path to tread,

how do you find your way out?




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