My lonely heart flying solo in the blue yonder

felt the expansive emptiness engulf me

my lingering sighs, shushed by the gusty breeze.


 I saw you fly by me, my heart skipped a beat

your ambrosial beauty painted a portrait of love

beneath the panoramic sky, the winds now whispered romantic poetry.

Wooing you in all earnest, I set about

scripting a love story filled with alluring dreams.


Two love birds,

pecking in rapturous delight

perched high up, sing songs of glee.


 it was love at first flight!

Sadje’s WDYS # 98


Overwhelming Emotions


via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

Flipping through an old diary,

glanced upon a dried rose,

buried under the soiled pages.

It opened  floodgates of memories,

overwhelmed by a sea of emotions,

reminiscing the beautiful love story,

of stolen moments spent with each other ,

hidden from the prying eyes.

The long letters exchanged,

promises made for a lifetime together!

Alas, fate dealt a cruel blow,

making you only a beautiful memory!


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