Alphabet Z – Zero

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

An unusual personality you have,

All by yourself so insipid and limp,

But when you tag behind a number,

You magically make it bigger.

If somebody latches on to multiply with you,

It raises your ire, and whoosh……

You turn them into a zero too.

And when they try to divide a number with you,

You coolly say, “Dude! That’s not possible “

At times you are so humble,

making others feel so significant,

while at other times you reduce

their value to nothing.

Oh Zero ! You are a very unusual hero!!


With this post, I have pulled the zip on the A to Z challenge! Hope you enjoyed this journey with me as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!





Memorising formulae and equation

always gave me tension.

Finding the algebraic x and y,

left me wondering why?

Decimals or fractions

would elicit no reaction!

Trigonometry and geometry

rhymed with only the “metry”

Factors and calculus

left me nauseous!

Math was a conundrum

which always left me so glum!


In response to the daily prompt : Conundrum

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