When Lines & Angles meet…

The scientific intellect looks at precision

creative mind perceives art

amalgam of concrete and abstract

conceptualises a strong foundation

of parallels and perpendiculars.

Angles and planes work in tandem

with radius, degrees and arches.

Measured definitude of intersecting lines

formulate symmetric congruence.

Scalar dimensions constructed

permutations and combinations decoded

functionality and aesthetics merge

to conceive and design

an architectural marvel!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #157


A to Z – Fun Math!

This is a fun poetry I tried, where the words move in an alphabetical order . The theme is Mathematics! Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Algebra brings confusion

data elicits frown,

geometry halves identity

justification keys logarithms

matrix now operational

Pythagoras questions rationality

solid transversal union

vector watched ‘x’

yelled zero!

In Love with Numbers!

js brand
ic:J.S. Brand

Write a story in 100-150  (+/- 25 ) words on the picture prompt given. Challenge hosted by Priceless Joy

Time just flies isn’t it? The day is etched so vividly in my memory. The first time I brought my son here when he was just a toddler of two. These steps and I together taught him to count numbers. We would jump on to each step and call out the number. My son was so fascinated and happy to be here and learn his numbers, that it became an everyday ritual for us. Addition, subtraction and different concepts, we learnt it all together! He fell in love with numbers and became adept at it. When he started school he was far ahead of the other boys and girls of his class. We continued this ritual without fail during his holidays.

Today many seasons later, he reached the pinnacle of his ascent, when he received the Fields Medal ( equivalent to Nobel) , for his outstanding contribution in the field of Mathematics. Standing here today, I am a proud father reminiscing nostalgic moments!

Word count: 161

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