In response to Helene’s What do you see? weekly challenge


Fighting the tremors of thoughts

dizzied by the voices that scream

battling the figments of doubt

that haunt me in an obscure embrace


In the din of the deafening silence

I strain to hear a feeble voice

emanating from deep within

through the veils of gossamer


I collect my deviant thoughts

envelope them with a blanket of

hope, trust and faith to

emerge out of the labyrinth

with stronger resilience!



Alphabet L – Lost!

A to Z Challenge


Day 14 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

Bustling streets, screeching tyres,

blaring sirens, blinking lights,

blowing horns, choking voices,

smoky air, buildings galore

depleting trees, warmer days,

hooting trains, traffic snarls,

Lost in the chaotic city!


Malicious minds, venomous tongues

shattering dreams,  scattered feelings

illusionary happiness, tired souls,

heated infernos, eroding values

disconnected families, strained relationships,

Lost in the waves of emotional behaviour!


Mired in the mayhem of

turbulent perceptions,

in the mundane and humdrum,

in the anarchic lifestyle

the mind and  the soul

wander in search to emerge

out of the crooked maze

rambling like nomads,

Totally lost!


What is your solution to get you out of confusion?

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Bewildered, puzzled and lost,

in the maze of your myriad thoughts,

you start to hear the cacophony of ideas,

embroiled in a tangle of reasoning,

when clarity abandons you,

you are unsure of the path to tread,

how do you find your way out?




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