Happy Valentines!

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Valentine special

sanguine soul serenades

sonorous ditties


Eugi’s weekly challenge : Love






Transcending boundaries

breaking barriers of language

notes, rhythm, beats and tunes

synthesize in harmonious amalgam

conceive a musical piece,

Be it,

Harmonious or soulful,

Classical or contemporary

Fusion or funky

Groovy or hypnotic

Lyrical or modern

Playful or poetic

Grand or somber

Rhythmic or sonorous

Melancholic or upbeat

Vocal or instrumental

Operatic or eclectic

the melody that oozes

from music is universal.


In response to Freedom of Expression Challenge – ” Melody” hosted by Richa of iscriblr.com



Sounds of Nature!

The trill of the cicadas

gurgle of the brook,

buzz of the insects,

 howl of the winds,

rustle of the leaves,

lashing of the rains,

 roar of the thunder,

 rumble of the waves,

 chirp of the birds,

 plop of the raindrop,

the music rendered by

nature’s orchestra

doesn’t need a conductor

 acoustics, fusion, melody blend seamlessly

as each artist plays in perfect symphony

to create a soul swaying rendition!

Musical Ecstasy!


A slender humble bamboo stick,

hollow within, embellished with tiny holes

every breath infuses the note

with a balmy resonance.

Deft fingers sway in a mystic rhythm

conceiving a classical sound,

a divine melody emanates

the ears soak in the musical euphony

the soul revels in the

mesmeric redemption,

when the lips kiss the flute!



Alphabet M- Music

 A to Z challenge


Day 15 – Theme: **Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

ic: clipartfest.com

The drums resound to the beats

keys and strings sway to the nimble fingers

the lips  blow air into the tiny hollow

their symphony creates an orchestral melody!

The tempo changes gear

the feet start to tap to the groovy tunes

and the body boogies to the rhythm!

Mood changes to resonate  with a different tune

halcyon and divine, the meditative chants

which nourish the soul, with tranquil bliss!

Be it,

the rustic charm of the folk or the rollicking rock and roll

the crescendo of the opera or the intensity of classical

the funky fusion or the avant garde compositions

the soft mellow numbers or the popular chart busters,

myriad styles and genres, across the borders,

music, the language of the heart and soul

always strikes a chord within you!


These are a few of my favourite things



Recently I happened to listen to the evergreen song “Raindrops on roses” from the film “The Sound of Music”. What a beautiful movie that was, all its songs so melodious, that they remain etched in our memories even today.

Listening to the song, I imagined what would my version of this song be? So here it goes, set to the same tune.


Giggles n laughters, and cupcakes and ice creams

warm cosy blankets with sweet dreams at night time

lost in a world full of books and  my blogs

These are a few of my favourite things!


Music n melody to lift up my spirits

Long drives on holidays, I love forever

A hot cup of coffee to pep me up bright,

These are a few of my favourite things!


Walk through the woods and bright yellow sunshine

chirping of birds that herald a new dawn

flowers that sway in the gentle cool breeze,

These are a few of my favourite things!


When I feel low, when my dreams sour

When I am feeling sad,

I simply remember my favourite things

and then I don’t feel so bad!!


We all have our list of favourite things ………what’s yours?



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