The sea of people swarming

seem oblivious to my feelings

which swell, inundating my soul.

The tussle continues unabated

my thoughts scream yet,

the deaf ears do not heed

each one, engrossed in their bubble.

My mind plays diabolic games,

I wallow in guilt and self pity.

The unsaid words are imprisoned

within the walls of despondency

refusing to let the ray of light enter

before spiraling  into an emotional abyss.

Sadje’s WDYS # 67



Breakthrough, Wall, Opening, Stone Wall, Freedom

Trapped in the abyss of void

consumed by darkness

walking on a tightrope

vacillant steps

the fall inevitable.


Timely intervention

oodles of patience

prodding, gentle unmasking

comforting reassurances

demystifying obscurity.



Finally, a visage of hope

monstrous mind slayed

purpose refocused

perseverance paid off

life saved.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #144 : Breakthrough

Stressful lifestyle is one of the major factors that cause an emotional imbalance in people today, leading to many mental health challenges, depression being one of them. It is extremely important to identify this issue and provide timely intervention and counseling to such patients, in the absence of which it may lead to suicidal tendencies too.



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