Close All Tab!

The spotlight focuses on

an ensemble of ideas, incomplete tasks and memories,

that take center stage without an invite,

blaring their discordant voices.

With a conscious effort, I scat them away one by one,

much to my dismay, a multitude of others pop up.

The plethora of thoughts vying for attention

reverberates to a cacophonic din, unsettling my sanity.

I wish I had a CLOSE ALL tab in my brain

to shut down and restart it again!

Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 209




Nomadic thoughts on a whirlwind

running haywire, grossly entangled

a constant battle for supremacy

the mind embroiled in a mess,

endless questions, elusive answers

confusion explodes, cluttered views

explores to find an escape

from the unsettling obscurity

the fragile mind yearns for peace,

free from the endless tempest of commotion!

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