Mr. Doubt at the door!


Can I? , Should I? Will I?

In life, at times you have an uninvited guest Mr. Doubt knock at the door popping up unannounced. It shakes your confidence leaving you doubting your abilities.

What do you do when such questions try to brake your step forward?


Just be!

In response to Susi’s haiku challenge # 10.

ic: Susi Bocks

Bonds asphyxiate

life, a discordant melee

sour relationship

Dissolve toxic moods

shed the stale veil of ego

stay calm and just be

Reflective thinking

synergy of mind and thoughts

ties blossom again.

Sometimes relationships or close bonds feel suffocated with overpowering proximity. The feeling of each being right, blinds their vision to see that each is stifling the other.They just need some space away from each other to ponder and reflect. This small step does wonders to revive the love in the relationship.

Do share your views on this.

A cauldron of thoughts!


Loving thoughts are always comforting

Errant thoughts play mischief, inviting trouble

Gnawing thoughts give sleepless nights

Divine thoughts envelope a calm

Dreamy thoughts enliven the mood

Frozen thoughts thaw with time, to take action

Kind thoughts spread a positive aura

Intuitive thoughts save the day

Reflective thoughts help the soul evolve,

Fearful thoughts sprout sweat beads

Anxious thoughts steal your peace

Ignorant thoughts brand you a moron

Wandering thoughts do well with direction

Profound thoughts kindle wisdom

Depressing thoughts sap your energy

Tempting thoughts are a total distraction

Emotional thoughts expose vulnerability

Slithering thoughts slip away before action

Immature thoughts need counselling

Radical thoughts garner a movement,

Contemplative thoughts untangle the conundrum

Creative thoughts inspires a magnificent composition!

Bilingual poem – बांवरा मन , The Wandering Mind


बांवरा  सा मन मेरा, यह तो है अलबेला

चल पड़ता यही, दिल में तराने लिए

न टिकट कटवाता, न ज़रुरत है इसको पासपोर्ट का,

न लम्बी कतारों में रुकना, न भारी सामान उठाना,

नहीं करता कोई सोच विचार, न चाहिए किसी का साथ,

आंखे मूछे, बस निकल पड़ा यूही,

बांवरा सा मन मेरा, यह तो है अलबेला


हसीन वादियों में खो जाता कभी,

तो कभी अनगिनत रेतों की कहानी सुनता

ऊंचे पहाड़ो को छू लेता कभी

तो कभी जंगल की घेहराईओ में खो जाता

समुन्दर के सदा बहार लहरों के संग शाम बिताता

तो कभी बागो में फूलों संग नाचता

लहराते बदल से दोस्ती कर लेता

तो कभी सावन के बूंदो से दिल बहलाता

हिम के सफ़ेद चादर तले ठंड से ठिठुरठा

तो कभी पंछियों सा मदमस्त आकाश में उड़ता

हँसता गुनगुनाता बस यूही निकल पड़ता

बांवरा सा मन मेरा, यह तो है अलबेला



This wandering mind of mine

sets off, singing a melody.

Without a ticket or a passport,

nor the hassles of long queues and heavy baggage,

with no planning or company needed,

it embarks on a journey, at the blink of the eye.

This wandering mind of mine

sets off, singing a melody.


At times, it loses itself in pristine surroundings

or listens to the many stories of the infinite sands,

at times it scales the peaks of gigantic mountains

or gets lost in the wilderness of the woods,

at times spends an evening with the oceanic waves

or sways along with the dancing blooms,

at times, it fosters  friendship with the wafting clouds

or soaks itself in the gentle raindrops,

at times, it shivers under the white expanse of snow

or soars like a carefree bird in the blue yonder.

Smiling and humming along,

it embarks on a beautiful journey.

This wandering mind of mine

sets off, singing a melody.



In response to’s weekly writing prompt # 107, to use in a poem or flash fiction  the 5 words below.


Here is my attempt:


The thoughts are not at rest

 words fight with each other

against an emotional anguish

waging within the warring mind.


The vehement altercation goes on

refusing to follow any rules

lost in the mayhem

of strife and turmoil.


The fervid mind seeks to untangle

the impetuous mess within

picks up the pen to scribble

some magic on paper.


Verses flow gracefully

like the gentle river

calming down the torrents

poetry is truly therapeutic!


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