My Partner in Crime!

Wallowing in a muddy puddle

naked feet jump in gay abandon

squishy, squashy soggy mess,

happy souls prance together

the tiny tail wags in delight

to the sweet sounds of giggles.

My pup, my perfect partner in crime.

Stealthily we enter home,

staining the carpeted floor with tiny footprints of brown.

The silence of the evening shattered

by mom’s scream of disgust,

watching us plastered in an earthy pack,

she fires her volley of angry outbursts.

We stand in mute innocence

my pup, my perfect partner in crime!

Dakshali’s picture prompt plate #3


Love you , Mom!

This one is a tribute to all the Moms for the unconditional love they shower on their children.


A lonely soul I was at birth, fear of the unknown overwhelming

Cradled in the comfort of your arms, close to your bosom

Secure and welcomed, I discovered solace and love.

Nurturing me tirelessly day in and out,

Sleepless nights you spent, tending to me,

Sacrifices innumerable you made,

Taught me to walk on a straight path,

Irrespective of other curved ones,

To differentiate the right from the wrong,

Freedom you bestowed on me to explore, err, learn and grow

Today I look back with gratitude, for all that you have done.

I am, who I am today, only because of you.

Love you Mom!!


Happy Mothers Day!


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