R – Rains!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I


By July the monsoon bells ring in the Indian peninsula as the entire country is drenched in the sanguine pearls from the heavens. The parched land finds much respite from the sweltering summer heat sapping all energy from the flora and fauna. The insipid leaves get a glossy green makeover, insects cavort around in trilling conversations, meandering rivers swell with gushing pride, pastoral meadows awaken from their withered slumber, farmers send a prayer of gratitude, children squeal in glee, artistic minds conceive creative odes. Man and nature rejoice under the magical spell of rains.

Wafting petrichor

verdurous euphonic song

monsoon nirvana

When I watch the showers from my window, I realize apart from the sensory delight, there are many things it teaches us.

When the moisture overwhelms the clouds, they let go of their burden, in the form of rain. We need to imbibe the same. When we find it difficult to carry the emotional baggage in life, it is imperative that we learn to let go of it. The more we hold on to the pain, further down it will suck us into a dark whirlpool. So just like the rains, our emotions need a healthy release. Letting go is very vital to heal ourselves.

Every storm runs out of rain – Maya Angelou

At times, the overcast dark clouds and the incessant rain dampens our spirit and thwarts our plans. But in reality, this brooding melancholy doesn’t last forever. After hours of rain, the sky eventually clears up with the sun shining bright and sometimes rewarding us with a beautiful chromatic rainbow. With the same analogy, problems in life however bad they are, will be sorted and life will smile at us. Optimistic attitude is like an umbrella protecting us from getting drenched from the miseries of life.

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Monsoon Nirvana!

person walking on road between green grass field during daytime
Sonika Agarwal@unsplash.com

Monsoon bells ring in the month of August, as the entire Indian peninsula is under a cloud cover. The country revels, as pellets of rains kiss the parched earth, providing much relief from the sweltering heat that saps all energy. Fresh organic landscapes replace the arid barren plains. The insipid leaves indulge in an emerald green makeover, insects cavort around in trilling conversations, meandering rivers swell with gushing pride, pastures hide under a lush grassy duvet, farmers send in a prayer of gratitude and romantic hearts drench in amorous reverie.  Man and nature rejoice, under the magical spell of the rains.

heavenly showers

verdure poetic canvas

monsoon nirvana

dversepoets Haibun Monday : August

First Rains!

Rain Stoppers, Water, Window Pane, Drip, Drop Of Water


Drifting clouds oblige, puff up to a dark grey

tender pearls gently kiss the parched land

each drop bequeaths a cool ambiance,

whispers a promise of nourishment.

Scents of petrichor fills in the sensory delight

dry summer foliage washed anew, now reflects a shimmery gloss

the green boughs sway to the percussion of the pitter patter,

earthlings celebrate the nectar of nature’s magic!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Nature

Inspired by the first rains of the season we had yesterday !


Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #49 : Rain.

I have tried to highlight different facets of rain. Hope you like them.

Water, Raindrops, Raining, Wet, Liquid, Splashing

First rains satiate the parched earth

Smell of petrichor kindled happy memories

The nature sings a verdant euphony

Puddles, paper boats, laughter childhood nostalgia

Rains, book, hot tea – happiness unlimited

Romantic hearts drench in rainy reverie

The incessant rains left travelers stranded

Ire of the rains wreaked havoc

Monsoon meant leaky roofs, wet indoors

Farmers rejoice as bountiful crops sway

Muse of artists and poets alike

Melange of promise – elixir of life

Song of Nature!



Verdant patches of lush foliage greet me,

on a drive across the countryside

the landscape adorns itself

in boundless hues of green

the once dusty wilted stems

paled under the scorching heat

now comes alive.

Soaked and satiated,

the trees swing in gay abandon.

The showers from heavenly skies

grace the earth with magic, as

the rains sing a pleasant melody

called the song of nature!




Monsoon – Haiku

This Challenge is hosted by Sangbad of www.thoughtsofwordsblog.com. for the Fortnight Friday Fables jointly with Sheetal Bharadwaj.

The rules are :

Write a haiku on Monsoon.

Now, remember Haiku is the easy part. The main challenge is:

 Writing shall not be in a conventional manner i.e. 5-7-5 or free-verse; it shall follow the following pattern–

i. 3-5-3

ii. 2-3-2

iii. 1-3-1

My haiku for the above challenge:

download (21)
ic: photoxia.com

Dark clouds melt

pearly droplets fall

green life thrives









पहली बारिश – First Rains


पहली बारिश की छींटे जब पड़े, सूखी धरती पर मानो अमृत बरसे

काली घटा छाए घनघोर, पवन जब मचाये शोर

रिमझिम रिमझिम जब तू बरसे, कानो में बजती शहनाई,

मिटटी की वो सौंधी महक, नीरस तन में भर दे  खुशियों की लहर,

पत्तियों की खामोश सरसराहट ,  फूलों का झिलमिल लहराना

मोर बाग में पंख फैलाये, और कोयल अपनी कूक सुनाये

तेरे आँचल तले सारी दुनिया चहक उठी !


तेरे आगमन से,

किसान के खेतो में ,फसल झूम उठे

कवि तेरे तारीफ में एक सुन्दर रचना रचे

चित्रकार अपनी मन की कल्पना में तुझे उतारे

तुझसे प्रेरित ,  संगीतकार  ने  एक नयी राग छेडी

प्रेमियों के भीगे बदन , महसूस करते कुछ अनकही बातें

मन उल्हास से भर, कोई धुन गुनगुनाता है,

चारों ओर ख़ुशी की बौछार छाए

हे बरखा ! तू ऋतुओ की रानी है.


First Rains

The first drops of rain seem like nectar to the parched earth

Dark clouds are formed as the winds roar

Your pitter patter drops sound musical to the ears

The fragrance of the first drops of rain, fill the barren mind with waves of euphoria

You usher in the silent movement of the leaves and the gentle swaying of the flowers

The peacock showcases its plumes and the cuckoo sings away to glory

The entire world revels under your benevolent grace!


On the onset of monsoon,

The crops in the fields dance in gay abandon

The poet composes a beautiful ode in your honour

The artist’s imaginations paints an alluring picture of your beauty

You inspire the musician to compose a soothing melody

Soaking in the rain, the lovers indulge in ecstatic moments of passion

With sheer happiness, the mind hums a soft tune

The rainfall sets a jubilant mood all around

O monsoon! You are the queen of all seasons!


Inspired by the first rainfall  of the season, we had here this morning 🙂




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