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Mystical Magic!

In response to IWH weekly haiku challenge #3 Sapphire lights infuse luminescent harmony the pregnant moon glows!   Branching silhouettes the silver orb scintillates mystic fantasy!   Nocturnal fetish the … Continue reading

January 25, 2019 · 43 Comments

प्रफुल्लित रात – Night’s Blush

धुंधलाती हुई परछाई के पीछे सूरज की किरणों ने दिन को किया अलविदा जो जाते जाते छोड़ गयी अपनी लाली मनो आँचल तले शर्माती दुल्हन घरोंदो की ओर उड़ते परिंदे … Continue reading

October 21, 2017 · 47 Comments

Moon Magic

As a kid, sitting at the back seat of the car and peering out of the window amused me. I remember, looking at the moon who had cute face, like … Continue reading

December 19, 2016 · 49 Comments


The azure sky, feeling very lonely all day long decided to primp herself. The air was damp and fragrant from the shower she had .She chose a crimson velvety evening … Continue reading

November 9, 2016 · 45 Comments