Mystical Magic!

In response to IWH weekly haiku challenge #3


Sapphire lights infuse

luminescent harmony

the pregnant moon glows!


Branching silhouettes

the silver orb scintillates

mystic fantasy!


Nocturnal fetish

the sorcerers wizardry

occult illusion!




प्रफुल्लित रात – Night’s Blush


धुंधलाती हुई परछाई के पीछे

सूरज की किरणों ने दिन को किया अलविदा

जो जाते जाते छोड़ गयी अपनी लाली

मनो आँचल तले शर्माती दुल्हन

घरोंदो की ओर उड़ते परिंदे

ने अपनी चहक की शहनाई बजाई

सारा गुलशन स्वागत में लग गया

रात की चादर ने अपना आँचल फैलाया

तारे सारे थे बाराती जो

झिलमिल करते नाचे झूमे

शर्माती और मुस्कुराती

चाँद ने बादलों के पीछे से

दिखाई अपनी एक झलक

उसकी रौशनी ने किया सबको मदहोश

फिर क्या था, दूल्हे राजा बादलजी ने

अपनी चांदनी को छिपा लिया बाँहों में

किया दोनों ने प्यार भरी बातें रात भर

सवेरे होते ही चाँद चल दी ससुराल

जो था पृथ्वी के उस पार !


Behind the evanescent shadows

the rays of the sun bid adieu to the day

which left a trail of vermilion hue

as if a blushing bride under a veil

birds flying back to their nests

playing a chirpy  musical band

the horizon garnering to welcome

the expansive night sky

with the glittering stars

who were the twinkling guests

coy, demure and smiling

the moon unveiled a glimpse of her blushing face

her radiant light left all in awe

marching ahead, the groom Mr. Cloud

embraced his beloved in his arms

they spent the night cradled in love

at dawn the moon left for her husband’s abode

which was on the other side of the earth!

Moon Magic


As a kid, sitting at the back seat of the car and peering out of the window amused me. I remember, looking at the moon who had cute face, like that of a bunny rabbit. Often I felt that it was trying to tell me a different story every time I saw it. Sometimes it seemed to be burdened by grief, while at times it was full of mischief but most times it had a happy face. Oh, I was sure it loved me so much, that it kept following my car. So much for the innocence of a child 🙂 🙂 !!

The moon captivated so many young children with its fascinating tales. It enticed them with fairies and goblins, mythological narratives, adventure and drama. Mothers sang soothing lullaby’s to children to cajole them to slumber, under the benign glance of the moonlight. The children wondered in awe at its ability to change shape. Some questions always intrigued the kids. How did it manage to go on a strict diet and shrink and at the turn of a magic wand, suddenly start to put on weight and get back to its original shape? They loved it when it played peek a boo with the clouds. But why did it do a disappearing act once a month? These questions were always on the children’s mind, till they grew a little older and understood the phenomenon.

The mystical moon has always been a photographer’s delight. Just like a beautiful damsel, it sure does know which face to put forward for the shutterbugs. Be it the bold and the beautiful or a coy and blushing bride, it can dress up in myriad hues and avatars. It loves to flirt across the dark expansive sky, fleetingly kissing the clouds on its path.  It enchants a poet’s pen and an artist’s brush to create a master piece depicting its eternal beauty.

The silver halo of the moonlight conjures up romance between the loving hearts. From its celestial abode it casts a luminous shadow to pique the lover’s passion. Inspired by its pearlescent demeanour, romantic verses flow from the beloved’s heart. The beau likens the beauty of his sweetheart’s face to the ageless and radiant beauty of the moon. The misty and mellow moonlight, is a witness to the embrace and sublime union of the souls in love.


It arrives into the heavenly canvas

spreading its soft silver rays

to light up the dark alleys, guiding lost souls

gently cradling them to a world of dreams.

Many a tale it narrates on its journey

of love, beauty and betrayal.

Its mystic charm has many fans

who dedicate numerous odes in its praise.

The moon and its magic are always special!



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The azure sky, feeling very lonely all day long decided to primp herself. The air was damp and fragrant from the shower she had .She chose a crimson velvety evening gown. She did her make up with care.  Amethyst blush on, grey eyeliner, burgundy lipstick made her look ravishing. She put on her sparkling star studded tiara on her open silken black tresses, just in time as her beau the luminescent moon came in. An evening of intimate conversation ensued amidst the glitterati of celestial constellations.

In response to the daily prompt : Primp

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