Photography – Man Made!

Structural marvels,

birthed by the ingenious minds

landscape redefined

Fun times!
Gateway of India, Mumbai


Spotted at a roadside in Mumbai
Artistic Work!
Spiral Beauty, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Cee’s fun foto challenge : Anything Man Made!


Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan…

Was drenched in a wave of nostalgia, as I visited Mumbai last week after 16 long years….a city where I spent a good part of my growing up years! Nothing much had changed….only more people, more vehicles, more buildings…..but yet there is something magical about this city!

Weary feet tread along,

the wheels always on the move

carry the burdened shoulders, without a smirk

waves crash against the shore, with a sense of urgency

time and tide wait for none here.


Aspiring dreams find wings to soar

the glitz and glamour bedazzle the naked eye

there is a seamless amalgam of food, religion and people

the grandeur of festive celebrations is unparalleled.


Mafia and the underbelly, a dark reality

fragmented destinies lie scattered

rains and resilience flow together

sweaty brows overpower the fragrant scents

silhouettes stand tall against the swarm of slums.


A city that never sleeps

is defined by extreme contrasts

yet, boasts of a magnanimous character

as it embraces all into its fold!

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