3 twenty word stories in response to Bulbul’s TWT prompt : Poison

Warning, Poison, Danger, Information, Dangerous

1. A seed of doubt sprout in her mind, concocting baseless stories. Self-poisoning led to the death of their beautiful relationship.

2. Few religious fanatics with ulterior motives, poison gullible young minds with the promise of heaven, tearing apart the nation’s soul.

3. Callous attitude, selfish motive, reckless dumping of plastic. Aren’t we slow poisoning our planet and digging our own grave?


The Clue!

What 100 words would you weave around this picture? Challenge hosted by Bikurgurl

pic: Bikurgurl

The murder appeared to be perfectly planned.

Unopened suitcases, crumpled sheets and jackets didn’t add up.

The interrogation with all the possible people connected, didn’t reveal much.

The lack of any lead gave the inspector sleepless nights. Was this going to be the first unsolved case of his career?

With the sequence of events continuously playing on his mind, it suddenly flashed to him. He jumped out of his bed in the middle of the night and rushed to the hotel.

And there in the remote corner, under the table he found his clue. He could now nab the killer!

Word count:100


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