M-Moon Magic!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

As a kid, sitting at the back seat of the car and peering out of the window amused me. I remember, looking at the moon who had cute face, like that of a bunny rabbit. Often, I felt that it was trying to tell me a story every time I saw it. Sometimes it seemed to be burdened by grief, while at other times it was full of mischief, but most times, its story had a happy ending. Oh, I was sure it was head over heels in love with me, that it kept following my car 🙂

The moon captivated so many young children with its fascinating tales. It enticed them with fairies and goblins, mythological narratives, adventure and drama. Mothers sang soothing lullabies to children to cajole them to slumber under the loving glance of the moonlight. The children wondered in awe at its ability to change shape. They loved it when it played peek a boo with the clouds.

The mystical moon has always been a photographer’s delight. Just like a beautiful damsel, it sure does know which face to put forward for the shutterbugs. Be it the bold and the beautiful or a coy and blushing, it can dress up in myriad hues and avatars. It loves to flirts across the dark expansive sky, fleetingly kissing the clouds on its path.  It enchants a poet’s pen and an artist’s brush to create a master piece depicting its eternal beauty.

The silver halo of the moonlight conjures up romance between the loving hearts. From its celestial abode it casts a luminous shadow to pique the lover’s passion. Inspired by its pearlescent demeanor romantic verses flow from the beloved’s heart. The misty and mellow moonlight, is a witness to the embrace and sublime union of the souls in love.

scintillating orb

esoteric effulgence

hypnotic dazzle

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The year that was…

Tangerine Newt@unsplash.com

Grappling with the virus for a couple of years now, we are still trying to understand its variants and mutations. Scientists around the world are working tirelessly to bring in a panacea of sorts. While the vaccine does mitigate the effect of the attack, convincing the masses to take the jab, has also been a daunting task. Every time we seem to tread towards a semblance of normalcy, a new strain comes out, causing dread among the people.

Plans went awry, virtual and online modes became a way of life, mental health challenges came to the fore, sealed borders kept family members away, livelihoods were lost, dreams crushed… life derailed for many. The world experienced devastating effect of the virus. While we heard many endearing instances of people fight a brave battle against the invisible enemy, death knocked on the doors for many. The medical fraternity rising above their call of duty with relentless service, the common man joining hands together to garner help in every way possible was truly heartwarming, filling us with the hope that not all is lost. Man has learnt to accept, adapt and bounce back with resilience.

A cauldron of emotions flowed out during the year. Pain, agony, grief, heartbreak, fear and anxiety dominated our lives. Yet, on the other hand, bravery, kindness, empathy and selfless helping hands also rose up, adding a silver lining to the otherwise bleak scenario.

As we get ready to bid adieu to 2021, I look back at the year that it was and move forward with my learnings from it.

The pandemic definitely taught us to be prepared for unpredictability. Going by man’s callous attitude towards the environment, the frenzied pace at which he seems to be devouring the resources of the planet, volatility could just become a part of life. We need to brace ourselves with it.

Health is a priority. Invest in it, indulge in self-care, exercise without excuses. Make” balance and moderation” a key motto in life.

 Each new dawn we wake up breathing, is a precious gift. Appreciate the gift of today, be mindful of the blessings it showers on us and lace it with a prayer of gratitude.

We create excess baggage in life, burdening ourselves with never ending desires and frivolous wants. The pandemic taught us that one can lead a very comfortable life, being a minimalist.

Seek happiness in little joys, befriend a positive attitude, contribute to sustainability, lend a helping hand, stay away from all forms of toxicity and cherish the love and blessings of family and friends.

Finally reflect within. Along with material wealth, enrich your soul with spiritual growth as well.

As I type this, the Omicron strain is gripping the world at large. Hoping that the effect of this strain, will not be as bad as its predecessor.

Here is wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2022! Take care and stay safe !

Random Musings – Bouquet!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Bouquet

A journey from bud to blossom

and finally, to a wilted eternal slumber,

mirrors man’s story on this planet.

Whether we choose to lament about the prickly thorns

Or admire the fragrant beauty of the blooms,

The choice is ours.

After all, Life is a bouquet of experiences!

Hollow Happiness!

Selfie, Woman, People, Portrait, Self, Person, Phone

The filters transform

a monochrome soul

with a false facade

to a beauteous face

likes and follows grow by the mile

the heart revels in hollow happiness .

Thousands of virtual friends

but not a single real one.

I write to…

Writing, Write, Fountain Pen, Ink, Scribe, Handwriting

Dawn brings in rays of sunshine and hope, the gift of being alive,

I write to believe in the promise of a new day.

The horizon flirts with the hues, a scarlet splash, a lavender swirl, a deep amethyst,

I write to paint myself anew.

Life’s Failures, learnings are the best teachers,

I write to give wings to my dreams.

With the wandering breeze, across the boundaries,

I write to scatter my thoughts like the dandelion.

Reflect on the life gone by, relive the moments of nostalgia,

I write to walk down the memory lane.

The tempest in the mind wreaks havoc,

I write to rant my anger, frustrations and helplessness.

Buds unfurl delicate petals, a tender dew drop cascades gently,

I write to soak in their intoxicating beauty and scents.

Creamy silkiness, sensational textures, heavenly aromas,

I write to savor this sinful indulgence.

The treasures buried in the belly of the deep oceans, its stormy rage, tranquil demeanor,

I write to sail to the distant shores.

The melancholic din reverberates, the mind wallows in doubts, giving up seems to be an easy option,

I write to navigate the labyrinth of life’s challenges

Lost in the wilderness, trapped by fear of unknown,

I write to hide in the darkness of my shadow.

Dark velvety sky, with the glitterati of stars, sets a perfect stage,

I write to romanticize under the moonlight by the beach.

The emotional storm strikes without a warning, breaking the heart into a million shards,

I write to cleanse the papers with my tears.

The conversations in solitude, to experience the sound of silence,

I write to make my words speak.

The echoes of the divine chants and bells resonate,

I write to feel the vibrations of the cosmic energy.

To laugh my heart out, feel the petrichor, enjoy tiny delights,

I write to express my love, celebrate life and its blessings.

 I write to catharsis my soul…



A cauldron of thoughts!


Loving thoughts are always comforting

Errant thoughts play mischief, inviting trouble

Gnawing thoughts give sleepless nights

Divine thoughts envelope a calm

Dreamy thoughts enliven the mood

Frozen thoughts thaw with time, to take action

Kind thoughts spread a positive aura

Intuitive thoughts save the day

Reflective thoughts help the soul evolve,

Fearful thoughts sprout sweat beads

Anxious thoughts steal your peace

Ignorant thoughts brand you a moron

Wandering thoughts do well with direction

Profound thoughts kindle wisdom

Depressing thoughts sap your energy

Tempting thoughts are a total distraction

Emotional thoughts expose vulnerability

Slithering thoughts slip away before action

Immature thoughts need counselling

Radical thoughts garner a movement,

Contemplative thoughts untangle the conundrum

Creative thoughts inspires a magnificent composition!

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