A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

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Darkness and light are an integral phenomenon of nature. Darkness is essential to appreciate light. Metaphorically, the problems or pain in life is akin to darkness. The hurdles or challenges people undergo are universal. Nobody’s life is all light and bright. Shadows eclipse our life without a warning. Many a time, when the fear of being devoured by the tunnel of blackness grips us, light seems elusive. We feel vulnerable under its burden. Anxiety, fear and pain confounds us when we are hit by a stumbling block, be it an illness, broken relationship or financial set back. But one must always remember, behind every dark patch, there is a warm grace of sun waiting to shine upon us. Being able to tap into our hidden inner strengths, to overcome the problem on hand, being open to the learnings from it, helps us put on the armor of resilience to bounce back stronger.

In pain there is power of healing – Wayne Dyer

It is easier said than done. While in pain we wallow in a whining emotion. We further go down into the abyss of nihility. Yet, somewhere from the corner of our heart, we hear a faint whisper or a tiny ray of light urging us to walk towards it. The struggles we endure, helps us grow.

All darkness vanished, when I saw the light within my heart. – Kabir

The glitter of the twinkling stars and the radiance of the moon can be appreciated only in the blackness of night. They are not intimidated by the darkness and shine to their full potential radiating a luminous sparkle. Often, they are a beacon of light to the lost soul.  

somber feelings flood

tiny ray of hope conquers

resurgence of light

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The Red Rose!


Confined to home due to the lockdown, Samir had ample time at hand. Staying alone, Netflix had become his best friend.  

That night he watched a horror movie. Though a brave heart, this particular movie left him terrified. Cursing himself for watching it, he went to bed. The scenes from the film kept haunting him before he finally dozed off.

He saw a hooded faceless lady walk through the wall and give him a rose. There was something so sinister about her smile. Sweating profusely, he woke up with a start. Relieved that it was just his hallucination and a bad dream, he turned to go back to sleep.

And then, he saw it…

Paralysed with fear, he could hear his heart hammer against his chest. He tried to scream but his voice choked within.  A spine tingling sensation began to creep up as he began gasping for breath.

 For next to him on the bed lay a red rose…

Reena’s exploration Challenge # 155 : Horror

Birth of Dawn!


The nascent amber rays trickle in

with a gentle caress, a loving cajole

it folds in, the obscurity of the night

 under its sublime embrace.

Smiling and aroused,

the moon passes the baton to the rising star

her radiance merges with his dazzle

seamless and graceful, a union so perfect

they birth a new day.

As the colors of dawn fills in

eyes behold the magnificence of nature

as the mystical drama unfolds

on the eastern horizon

when night meets day.

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Night meets day

V. J’s weekly challenge #109 : What a sight

Mystic Moonlight!

Moon, Sea, Full Moon, Light Reflections, Moonlight

The torrents of emotions

created a tempest within me.

I escaped home, to the sea

my refuge.

The darkness of the impenetrable sky,

roar of the undulating waves,

mirrored my perturbed mind.

With not a soul around,

just me,

I let the floodgates of the

incessant tears flow,

merging into the salty waters.

The scintillating  pregnant moon

appeared from behind the broody clouds,

she looked down at me with a loving smile.

Captivated by her warmth

I felt my tears dry.

Her benign radiance comforted

my emotional ripples.

The dazzle of luminous stars illuminated my heart,

serenading it, to complement the gleaming waters.

I sat there mesmerized

beneath the surface of the night,

feeling my pain being washed away


the promise of a new dawn embraced me.


Tuesday writing prompt challenge : Beneath the surface of the night

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The Plan!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #127, write a tale on the prompt in 280 letters or less.

Photo by Pexel2013 at Pixabay.com

The rain lashed against the menacing wind.  A few stray dogs howled  giving the deserted station an eerie feel. The train was all set to chug along.  At the stroke of midnight, Alberto lit a cigarette, checked his pistol and boarded the train. It was time to carry out his plan.

Letter count : 277


The starlit night sky..


Living in the city, I am used to the harsh glare of the neon lights. Above the bright lights, the night sky paints such an insipid, dull picture in monochrome.  The stars seem to be in hiding under a blanket of a smoky veil. They fail to sparkle to their full potential. I always felt that the star studded night sky could only be seen in movies or books. But this picture changed a few years back. Let me recount that sparkling beauty of the starry night I witnessed.

A few years ago, we had been to a temple located in the interior parts of Karnataka. Nestled amidst the nature’s flora and fauna, the temple resonated a spiritual aura.  There were cottages for the visitors to stay. Basic necessities, religious fervour and simple food defined the life there. It gave one a chance to connect with the lord and disconnect with the chaos of the city 😉

We retired to our cottages in the night after a modest meal, simple yet so tasty. We had just gone to bed when the power went off. Being quite hot indoors, we decided to sit outside till the power came back.

Stepping out, the warm summer breeze, the natural woody fragrance of the forest trees, loud chirps of the insects nearby in the quiet of the night, greeted us. We sat there on the porch, being lulled in mother nature’s lap. The ambiance was such a contrast to the din of the city.  A look up at the night sky left us in awe.

Never had I experienced the beauty of the velvety blackness of the starlit sky. Like tiny glowing snowflakes they filled in the entire expanse. It appeared as if the sky had covered itself with a glittering blanket. Constellations which I had seen only in the books, were magically up in the sky.  I just sat there gazing at the shimmering night canvas, soaking in its brilliant beauty, enjoying the starry music and watching the celestial twinkling dance of the twinkling stars.

Time stood still under that beautiful starry night. The picture of the luminous starlit sky is still painted fresh in my mind. I am sure many of you have been lucky enough to witness the beauty of the starlit night sky. Do paint the picture through your words, of a mesmerising starry night you experienced.


The eerie night!

In response to secretkeeper’s weekly writing prompt #133, to use the following five words or their synonyms in a poem/fiction.



Lost in the wilderness

with no clue ,where to head

tar grey clouds brood over

damp forest floor, exudes an acrid stench

branches draw monstrous silhouettes

menacing winds croon a forbidding song

ravenous howls grow louder

a sign of looming danger

eyes move furtively in the dark

failing to find a road to escape

the probing hand feels a slimy creature

sending shivers down the spine

the screams for help, echo back

the soul held captive by fear

drenched in sweat, completely paralyzed.

“Cut”! comes in the directors call,

Smiling, with a thumbs up,

A great shot, in one take!

Pack up! He shouts!!

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