Where am I?

 I tread along the cobbled path early one morn,

to be greeted by a deserted street, echoing a sinister laugh.

A once familiar place bustling with activities, today stands bare.

It was only yesterday, lively mirth resonated here.

Heavenly aromas wafted from the bakers,

children pranced around,

guffaws of zealous grey-haired men, relaxing over a mug of beer,

the buzz of animated chatter, filled the air.

Today, there isn’t a sound or soul,

but, only a deathly silence hangs.

Am I scuffling with a nightmare,


 did I actually walk into, the other dimension?

Sadje’s WDYS prompt #101


Tanka – Transport & Exercise

In response to Elise’s weekly poetry challenge #81 using the prompt words Transport & exercise.


Transport woes persist

a gigantic exercise

manoeuvring the

serpentine vehicles lined

traffic nightmare on the roads!




via Cling

IC: http://www.colourbox.com

Lost in the wilderness, darkness descends

the winds howl and eerie sounds emanate all across,

Fear grips my soul and my body shudders,

sweating profusely, in spite of the cold

I try to call out for help, but my voice abandons me.

With all efforts failing and no choice left,

I cling on to my belief and pray fervently,

to send help my way.

The bell rings and I open my eyes

and I am flooded with relief,

to realise it was after all

a terrible nightmare!

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