An ode to the Ordinary!

Doodle by my daughter

The cover of my book depicts an essence of commonality

 it pens reflection of  my gratitude, to the many silent doers

 highlighting their sensitivity towards a humane life.

Ordinary lives of people, making an extraordinary difference!

Unlocking their repertoire of goodness

they leave a trail of kindness,

 soothe another’s pain, feed a hungry mouth

they gift a moment of lift, to the lesser fortunate.

We don’t need heroes in capes, we find many among us

who choose to make a difference, in their own small way.

Their selfless service, serves a sliver of humanity

in today’s disintegrating values of the world.

An ode to the ordinary, making an extraordinary difference!!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #176: ” If you are a book, what will the cover look like? “

Eugenia’s weekly prompt : Extraordinary


Happy Women’s Day!



Today’s woman is

Affectionate and ambitious

 Bold and beautiful

Considerate and compassionate

Dynamic and diligent

Empathetic and exuberant

Frank and fearless

Generous and gregarious

Happy and hard working

Ingenious and independent

Jovial and judicious

Kind and knowledgeable

Loving and learned

Motherly and mirthful

Natural and nonchalant

Open minded and outgoing

Passionate and pragmatic

Quick witted and quirky

Romantic and respectful

Smart and successful

Talented and tough

Understanding and unconventional

Virtuous and vulnerable too

Warm and witty with an

X factor

and forever

Young  🙂

Cheers to womanhood and a very happy women’s day to all you beautiful women ❤ !


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