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A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

Oh! The blissful sounds of nature sink deep into your heart, gives eternal joy, all anxiety melts away – Balroop Singh

An urban dweller has to cope up with perennial noise bombardment. During the lockdown we all had a glimpse of staying in calm environs, which was such a treasured blessing. While I am glad that Covid has declined, but sadly the noise levels have increased manifold today, as life crippled back to normalcy post the pandemic.

Earsplitting horns, blaring sirens

hooting trains, loud announcements

construction drills, clanks of metals

nonstop chatter, acrimonious rants

hurried footsteps, cacophonic din.

When the decibels of the city send me into a tizzy,

I head to the lap of nature.

The contrast is such a welcoming change.

Insects’ trill, reprise in bursts along the muddy pathway

the withered leaves rustle and crunch under my footsteps.

The avian warbles, as frogs call out in chorus

 to create a prelude to the symphony.

The mood and lighting changes, chords modulate

to the beats of the baritone rumble of the thunder,

 operatic tenor of the winds keep background score.

The rolling waves crash on the rocks, amplifying its sound effect,

rhythmic cadence of the rains jingle in an impromptu jive,

culminating in a scintillating crescendo.

In the stillness of the night, raindrops plop,

 swaying glades of grass hum a soft solo

to the lyrical signature tune of the zephyr.

The sounds of nature create a riveting orchestra

blending acoustics, tempo and melody in perfect sync.

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Walk in the Woods!

The walk along the muddy trail of the forest was a revelation. The sky kissing trees breathed an organic scent. The verdure paradise was slowly awakening from its deep mossy slumber into a moist misty morning.  The raw breeze and foggy veil had a mystic allure to it. Their entwined roots and strong embracing boughs were a testimony of their primeval connect.

 The twigs crunched under my feet as I ambled along the wet brown path.  The woody heaven came alive to the sounds of the forest. The tweet of the birds, scuttling rabbits, rustling foliage, scurrying squirrels, hissing reptiles, trill of the insects, shrieks of arboreal creatures and the cry of the wild, all playing at their own rhythm yet orchestrating a perfect harmony.

The ambiance of the forest stopped the clock. I lost myself into her welcoming arms. Under the canopy of a green palette, I inhaled the freshness of natural wonder, soaked in the beauty of flora and fauna, admired the medley of diversity, and listened to the pure and earthen tales of the wilderness. I enjoyed my solitude in the company of nature.

Haibun – The Stormy Concert!


Sweet chirps of little sparrows announce a new dawn .The bright sunny morning welcomes another day. Cheerful flowers bloom inviting the meandering butterflies. As the day settles in, a bunch of billowing mass peeks across the horizon.  The balmy demeanor starts to sulk. By noon a boorish band of clouds send the sun backstage, by taking the spotlight. Soon their other dark cousins arrive to dominate the azure skies. A somber mood sets in, as the clan of broody tar clouds take center stage. A thunder here, a lightning there with some spells of showers as if they are testing their mic settings.   Once everything is in place, they have a blast.  In flashes of tempestuous pitch and torrential downpour, they sing nonstop to a rumbling orchestra.

dark moods vocalize      

with thunderous acoustics

rainy symphony

Inspired by the heavy rains lashing out last evening.

Haibun is a Japanese genre of combining prose with poetry. The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.

Off Pitch!

Image credit- Stefan Keller – Pixabay

Serenades of the universe resonated in harmony

the flora and fauna played in perfect cadence

sublime melody of peace wafted across

composing an ambiance of tranquility.


Entered man, stealing the conductor’s baton

altering the configuration of the arrangement

the reverberations goes askew

the din deafens the quietude of nature.


O divine mother, I ask for forgiveness,

I bow down to thee with reverence

help man tune his offbeat keys

to restore the rhythm of the cosmic orchestra.


In response to Sadje’s What do you see #37




Transcending boundaries

breaking barriers of language

notes, rhythm, beats and tunes

synthesize in harmonious amalgam

conceive a musical piece,

Be it,

Harmonious or soulful,

Classical or contemporary

Fusion or funky

Groovy or hypnotic

Lyrical or modern

Playful or poetic

Grand or somber

Rhythmic or sonorous

Melancholic or upbeat

Vocal or instrumental

Operatic or eclectic

the melody that oozes

from music is universal.


In response to Freedom of Expression Challenge – ” Melody” hosted by Richa of iscriblr.com



Sounds of Nature!

The trill of the cicadas

gurgle of the brook,

buzz of the insects,

 howl of the winds,

rustle of the leaves,

lashing of the rains,

 roar of the thunder,

 rumble of the waves,

 chirp of the birds,

 plop of the raindrop,

the music rendered by

nature’s orchestra

doesn’t need a conductor

 acoustics, fusion, melody blend seamlessly

as each artist plays in perfect symphony

to create a soul swaying rendition!

Alphabet M- Music

 A to Z challenge


Day 15 – Theme: **Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

ic: clipartfest.com

The drums resound to the beats

keys and strings sway to the nimble fingers

the lips  blow air into the tiny hollow

their symphony creates an orchestral melody!

The tempo changes gear

the feet start to tap to the groovy tunes

and the body boogies to the rhythm!

Mood changes to resonate  with a different tune

halcyon and divine, the meditative chants

which nourish the soul, with tranquil bliss!

Be it,

the rustic charm of the folk or the rollicking rock and roll

the crescendo of the opera or the intensity of classical

the funky fusion or the avant garde compositions

the soft mellow numbers or the popular chart busters,

myriad styles and genres, across the borders,

music, the language of the heart and soul

always strikes a chord within you!


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