Emotional Emancipation!

Image credit; Muhammed Hassan @ Unsplash

Toxicity of relationships stifle me

tremors of raucous feelings erupt into an avalanche,

rustle the pages of thoughts,

scraping buried memories.

Torrents of unsaid words

trapped within the fortress of my heart flow.

Deluge of tears ink the blank paper

with whorls of pain.

Emotions that asphyxiated within


taste freedom after a long battle of holding on!

Sadje’s WDYS #136




The dreaded five letter word, over which many of us have no control. It comes in a jiffy, conquers our mind and sanity without our consent. We seem totally helpless as it wreaks havoc in our minds, turning it volatile.

Anger is the outburst of an intense emotional response. It is usually a normal healthy human emotion, when a person is fleetingly annoyed. But when that emotion turns out of control, it assumes the tag of rage, fury or wrath and turns destructive.

ANGER……all of us have succumbed to it albeit at different stages. We are the so called evolved beings of this planet, yet find it impossible to stop being angry at people and situations. A slight provocation is enough to trigger the anger in us. With a highly developed intellect, isn’t it strange we have no control over our anger?

A decision taken in anger or words spoken when angry is something we are bound to regret eventually when the outburst cools down.

I am a person who can easily be upset and annoyed. A slight provocation leaves me fuming. Though situations or people still manage to do that to me, I am consciously trying to not let it affect me negatively. What I see has worked many a time is to walk away and remain quiet for a minute or two. That naturally cools down my ire and then talk it out in a normal tone. Believe me, it works most times.

It’s wonderful if you are level headed and cool. But if you get angry, what do you do to diffuse the situation before the verbal exchange of a heated words goes out of control ?

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