Day 26 – Affectionate Love!

Feeling elated that I have come so far in this beautiful Valentines Special series. Happy that I have found lots of love from all of you.


Affectionate love occurs when an individual cares deeply for another person and likes to be close to that person. Affection is a kind of love that keeps you safe and cared for. It must be a key ingredient in a healthy relationship between partners, family and friends.

A sublime blend of

adoration ,care, respect

fond warmth in the heart


The Deal!

In response to Fffaw challenge # 191, to write a short fiction in 100- 150 words (+/- 25) based on the picture prompt given below.


Mrs. Briganza watched with moist eyes as her home of 70 years was pulled down to build a swanky new building. Coming here after marriage as a young bride, she had many fond memories of her children growing up. Then the children left for foreign shores to pursue higher education. Their initial annual visits to her house became a rarity with time.  Now as a frail old lady she was all alone.

The initial joy on receiving a call from her son after years was short lived, when she found out the real reason behind it. With the recession hitting hard, they now demanded that their mother sell the house to bail them through the financial crisis.  They were to visit her soon to settle the property deal with the real estate agent and move their mother to an old age home.

But, Mrs. Briganza had other plans. She sold the property before their arrival and donated the proceeds to charity.

162 words

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