Home is where the heart is…

Finally the long war ends, taking a toll on humanity. The brave soldier, eagerly looks forward to come back to the security of his home.

Battling a long illness successfully, the healthy man just wants to return to the comfort of home.

After the initial thrill of staying on his own at the hostel, the student feels homesick, missing his mom’s food.

A professional working in another city, lonely, wants to return to the love of his family back home.

A traveller who is on the road for a while, longs to get back to the warmth of his home.

Home may connote different things to people. It is an extension of their personality. It leaves a trail of their essence and scents. The comfort and warmth a home exudes is hard to beat. Be it a palatial abode or a small dwelling, each home is dear to those living there.

A binding foundation

reflections of emotions

define home sweet home

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Home sweet home!


Alphabet Z – Zero

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


An unusual personality you have,

All by yourself so insipid and limp,

But when you tag behind a number,

You magically make it bigger.

If somebody latches on to multiply with you,

It raises your ire, and whoosh……

You turn them into a zero too.

And when they try to divide a number with you,

You coolly say, “Dude! That’s not possible “

At times you are so humble,

making others feel so significant,

while at other times you reduce

their value to nothing.

Oh Zero ! You are a very unusual hero!!


With this post, I have pulled the zip on the A to Z challenge! Hope you enjoyed this journey with me as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!


School Trips

A couple of months back my 13 year old daughter came home with a notice from school. It stated that the school would be taking the children on a trip to Kerala for ten days during the 1st term break. She was thrilled and wanted to go. I was a bit skeptical about sending her, as I was not sure if she could manage on her own. When I put across my concern to my daughter she said, “Mom if you don’t send me, how will you ever know if I can manage or not?” She had a very valid point there.

That question clinched the deal for her! She got the green signal for the trip from both of us. As the date of the trip grew closer, the excitement in her was palpable. Last minute shopping, check lists, packing…….she was on cloud nine. On the day of the departure she was up and ready in a jiffy. They had to report to school from where the school bus took them to the railway station. We bid her good bye and I held back my tears. This was the first time she was away from me. She seemed to be very happy chatting with her friends.

She had a great holiday with her friends, managing so well. She was amazingly responsible, taking care of herself quite well, in spite of the hectic sightseeing schedules and erratic meal times. She was back with tons of pictures and bagful of beautiful memories, more confident and responsible!

Looking back, I feel sending children to such trips from school helps them in many ways.

It fosters responsibility in them

Taking care of themselves, packing and unpacking at different places, understanding money matters, waking up on time on their own, staying together with the group. All these go a long way in helping them evolve into responsible individuals.

Teaches them to make adjustments

She had to share the room with a couple of her friends. By doing so, she understood that people have diverse habits. Though some of them were not to her liking, she learned to adjust to them. Being a little choosy about the food she eats, the trip taught her eat what was available to all.

Develops Gratitude

They  traveled by sleeper class and had to carry their own luggage. It taught them humility and developed a sense of gratitude for so many things they are blessed in life, which otherwise they take for granted.

Values for life

At one place where these girls went shopping, it was the shopkeeper’s birthday. The lady was distributing a few chocolates to the children there. So these bunch of girls got together and sang the happy birthday song for her. She was overwhelmed with emotion. It was probably the first time somebody sang a birthday song for her! Such incidents help them evolve into more warm and caring individuals. Sharing and caring for each other was something they learnt through the trip. Experiencing certain things has a profound impact on the personality, than it merely coming down as an advice.

Equipping them with life skills

With kids taking up admissions in colleges in different cities, staying away from home and managing on their own, is the first step in learning to be independent.The trip gave them the confidence for that.

Bonus lesson for parents

It teaches us, the parents, to develop an attitude of detached attachment. It prepares us to accept that the children are developing their wings, ready to soar and fly into the big beautiful sky with their own identity!


Image courtesy: Pictures clicked by my daughter on her trip


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