First Rains!

Rain Stoppers, Water, Window Pane, Drip, Drop Of Water

Drifting clouds oblige, puff up to a dark grey

tender pearls gently kiss the parched land

each drop bequeaths a cool ambiance,

whispers a promise of nourishment.

Scents of petrichor fills in the sensory delight

dry summer foliage washed anew, now reflects a shimmery gloss

the green boughs sway to the percussion of the pitter patter,

earthlings celebrate the nectar of nature’s magic!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Nature

Inspired by the first rains of the season we had yesterday !


Day 7 – Love in nature!

Continuing the Valentine Special series, each day of the month, I will highlight a different facet of love in the form of a haiku. Hope you stay with me throughout this month long journey with all your support and love.


With absolute beauty defining nature, love is bound to be an integral part of it. We only need to be sensitive to see and experience that love. Each element of nature makes pristine love, be it a valley of flowers, gentle brooks, the majestic mountains or the hot deserts. They weave a magical love story. Next time be one with nature, you can feel the synergy of their love.

Parched earth aroused

wild kisses pour from heaven

oozes petrichor.

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