Love at first sight…

Image credit; Avis @ Pexels

My life wore a cloak of mundanity

over my inane wallflower mien,

until I saw you today.

As our eyes locked,

time stood still; the moment frozen.

You cast a magical spell on me,

a heady cocktail of emotions brewed within.

Your seraphic smile ignited a sensory euphoria,

undulating heartbeats drowned me in ineffable feelings.

I was drunk admiring your honeyed beauty,

as my life seemed to slip out of my control.

I must confess it was love at first sight,

or so I thought, until  

 I saw you walk into his open arms.


that was the end of my fleeting love story!

Sadje’s WDYS #140

Kashmir through my lens!

Had been on a short holiday to Kashmir. Sharing a few pictures and my thoughts on this paradise on earth.

Statutory warning : My pictures and words do not do much justice in capturing the true essence and beauty of the place. 🙂

Crown of the Indian subcontinent, radiant sheen of its bejewelled peaks transcends boundaries

beauty of seasonal variegations, pens a lyrical ballad sung by the drifting zephyrs

the valley bursts into a vibrant serenade of hues in summer and lulls itself to frozen rhapsody, when the cold northern winds blow

its frigid winters is thawed by the warm hospitality of its people, locals who celebrate brotherhood over religion

prayers in intoned cadence of the azan* melds in harmony with the chants resonating from the temples

Rogan ghosh, wazwan, kahwa, sheermal,  rajma, kesar and spices waft a delectable culinary trail

Kashmir, a confluence of tranquil divinity and transcendental allure, is sheer sensory nirvana.

*the muslim call to prayer by the muezzin

Who Am I?

Image credit; Amine M’Siouri @ Pexels

Who am I?

Am I the name my parents gave me?

Am I defined by the role of my relationships?

Am I the face that the mirror reflects?

Beneath the clamour of thoughts that plague my mind,

between the tangle of emotions, that blanket my heart

seeking external validation of the judgemental eyes,

I look to find myself.

I delve into the depths within, on a journey of self-discovery

my eyes scan for that elusive answer, which plays in the shadows.

I live on, trying to find my true identity.

Until then, I shall ruminate on, who am I?

Sadjes WDYS #134

Mystic Misty Morn!

green trees on green grass field during daytime

Driving through the meandering mountain roads,

surreal allure beckons.

Each bend wrapped in a misty cloak descending from heaven,

unravels a beauteous splendor.

The boughs weighed down by the tender dew drops,

greet with a cheery sway.

Gentle breeze cajoles clouds, laden with moist feelings of emotions,

spray showers of pristine shimmering droplets.

The dreamy serenity emits an aura of empyrean reflection

across the lilac hues of the horizon.

My imperfect soul enjoys, perfect moments of solitude

soaking in the ethereal calm of a new dawn.

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