Haibun – And the quest continues……



Many questions haunt me often. Who am I ? What is my purpose in life?  Am I Radhika, the daughter, wife, mother or is there any other identity to myself. They intrigue me.  There is a mystic aura that envelopes the phrases such as Karma, destiny, spirituality etc. I try in vain to find answers to these baffling questions through books, gurus, experiences, meditation. In the cosmic wilderness, the earth is a mere dot.  Within that dot, we are the millions of nano specks, the inhabitants of the planet. So how minuscule is my identity in this universe?

My quest continues

to probe deep into my being

to discover my soul

hidden under a veil of ignorance

to find the elusive answer

and experience self realization.


In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge # 44 – Hunt & Find



From my travels I pick you up

all so colourful and bright

in different shapes and sizes

each , with a story to tell.

You sit snugly together

on my refrigerator,

taking me back in time,

kindling fond memories

of holidays spent with

family and friends,

of the beautiful places visited.

With open arms you welcome

new magnets to your clan,

that each of my trip brings.

I wish we humans could emulate

the camaraderie you exhibit.


In response to Daily prompt : Magnet

Jump Up!


Jump up the with joy each morn,

having woken up to a new dawn.

Jump up to be one with nature,

it rejuvenates and calms the mind.

Jump up at opportunities that knock at your door,

very few get a second chance.

Jump up to lend a helping hand,

it gives you true happiness.

Jump up to be as fit as a fiddle,

for you know health is wealth.

Jump up to the grace of the divine,

to thank him for all the blessings.



Beware before you

Jump to conclusions,

for you may be wrong at times.

Jump to be judgemental,

for you may not know the whole story.

Jump to point fingers at someone,

for the remaining three point at you.

Jump up to an easy way to the top,

for it may not always be right.


Choose the right jump,

it will help you reach the pinnacle!



Mercury rising, blazing sun,

scorching heat, sticky clothes

sweat streaming down the brow,

withering trees, parched lakes

silent winds, famished birds

people all indoors!

Pool, ice-creams, juices

all just a temporary respite.

The forlorn eyes scanning the sky

in vain to look for the dark clouds

Oh, rains where are you hiding?

Bless  my land with your touch and

quench the thirsty souls with your nectar!








Daily Prompt – Impression


I have a dream!

To soar my wings into the wide blue yonder,

And reach for the stars.

To tread on a path defined by me,

learn, fall  and  grow.

 To swim the ocean of life

against all the currents.

Bestow faith in my abilities,

let my talent make an impression on you,

not my beauty,

 see me emerge victorious.

Let me live my dream!

I am unique, I am special

I am me, a girl!


Ic: Painting by my daughter.

Sidlak # 4- Rain


Down you fall

from the canvas above

kissing the earth with passion

embracing the parched souls with nectar

carpeting the stage green, for life to dance!!


Know Sidlak:

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.


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