E -Endangering Nature!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I


Listen well while I tell you a story, of not so long ago.

Earth was a resplendent pristine aura of iridescent hues.

A tiara of verdant promise graced her flawless face,

she nurtured her earthlings with abundance.

The primordial man dwelled in harmony, under her benign bosom.

The passage of time, alters the rhythm of life,

greed eclipses man’s wisdom, as he dons a narcissist’s role.

Progress takes a dimension of untamed growth,

his scalpel pierces deep into her womb

 ears fall deaf to her heartrending cries.

 He stamps his carbon footprints on the planet

concretes conquer green duvets,

glaciers melt a teary deluge,

species disappear, marine creatures succumb to oil spills,

climate change makes an unwelcome entry.

Mercury exhales blazing inferno

flora and fauna wither under toxic pollutants

obscured greys and browns tint her visage

negligent dumping of plastic nauseates her

gaseous smog poisons her primeval soul.

Today she blows the bugle of warning,

for man to stop his fusillade of plunders.

Her wrath brings forth natural dissonance.

Life today is bordering on fringes of doom,

before she exhales fumes of deathly toxins.

It’s time we pay heed to those sirens

replace tainted solutions with sustainability,

 before nature’s sweet song fades away

overpowered by her screams for salvation,

until she breathes her last or we do!!

I am pained at man’s insatiable greed in plundering nature’s resources. In the name of progress, he has punctured her soul. The lockdown during the pandemic helped nature with a reset button, reclaiming her lost space and breath. We witnessed reduced air pollution, cleaner water bodies, animals and birds came out into the open, as we remained locked within our homes. This was probably the only silver lining of the pandemic.  Sadly, not much is learned from the pandemic. People and countries have gone back to their old ways. Only a handful of conscientious people are working relentlessly in conservation and restoration of our environment.

Doesn’t this teach us that if we respect the nature and its finite resources, we will be blessed with infinite blessings. It is time we pay heed to her cries, as she is all we have got.

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Will you ever learn?

Through the lens of the dog…

Oh Man! You are the dumbest species I have seen.

Your insensitive attitude towards your home, your planet continues to baffle me.

You build vast technology driven systems, things work at the press of a button, yet you seem to have lost the connect with your life.

The buildings you construct kiss the sky, but from above, you’ve failed to keep tab on the ground realities that are so vital for survival.

You bulldoze the greens in the name of development, failing to realize that you are axing the supply of air needed for your children tomorrow.

Money, power and expansion seems to be your only mantra, forgetting the core values of humanity.

With medical advancement, sadly the lines at hospitals have also grown longer.

Gadgets seem to control your lives, people hardly matter.

Climate change, covid, growing inequality, water shortage, increasing pollution and plastic choking all seem to attract headlines as breaking news or conclude in conclaves of world dignitaries to meet and discuss. Most times the measures to curb the problems are just on paper.

Man, why do you not learn from the catastrophes that have befallen you? I am indeed appalled at your callousness.

We animals may not be as intelligent as you are, but we are definitely wiser.

You live as if there is no tomorrow.  Hope your children don’t pay the price of your mistakes.

Oh Man, Will you ever learn?

Sadje’s WDYS #105

Mother Earth’s Lament!

Lucas Pezeta@Pexels

For eons I lived as a spirited soul

nourishing and nurturing all

under my benevolent grace.


My vibrant persona, sparkled with

an eclectic mix of wild, free strokes

painted my canvas with a rich hue.


I danced in sublime ecstasy, as

floral scented zephyr hummed ditties,

life orchestrated a rhythmic euphony.


Until man came along, 


With his bag of never ending desires

he progressed well initially, respecting me

before greed overpowered his wisdom.


He robbed colors from my palette

shrouding me in a smoky grey

casting me in a colorless attire.


His plunders continue unabated

inflicting painful scars

oblivious to my silent tears.


My womb swells with his toxic influx

Isn’t it only a matter of time

before it becomes malignant?


What do you see #42

Reena’s exploration challenge : Colorless

Before it is too late….

Richa’s Freedom of expression challenge : Revival

Cyclone, Forward, Hurricane, Storm, Clouds

Mother earth asphyxiates

held captive in her own home

chained to the callous attitude of man

crumbling under the debris of plastic

gasping for a breath of fresh air

her shrunken and wrinkled beauty

a glaring testimony ,

to her ailing symptoms.

Its time we hear her cries ,

heal her body and revive her soul,

before she succumbs,

annihilating life!

Plastic Poison!

Environmental Destruction, Waste, Plastic

“How much plastic is in your diet? “Glared the headline in today’s newspaper.

It says that worldwide people could be ingesting about 5g of microscopic plastic particles every week, equivalent in weight to a credit card averaging about 250 g over the course of one year.

The main sources of culprit are bottled water, beer, shellfish, packaged food and salt according to the University of Newcastle in France. Plastic particles have also been found in significant quantities in marine creatures.

Another study reveals that people in many nations eat and drink about 45000 plastic particles smaller than 130 microns annually while breathing in the same number.

More than 75% of all plastics winds up as waste being dumped into nature, polluting rivers, land and the oceans.

In the last two decades the world has produced as much plastic as during the rest of history and this trend is projected to grow at the rate of 4 % per annum.

Isn’t it shocking to read?

I remember as a kid stepping out to the market with my cloth bag, the grocer giving the provisions in paper bags, milk came in glass bottles. Almost everything was eco-friendly. People got things repaired and refilled. The concept of use and throw was alien. Though we didn’t have many luxuries and comforts to boast of, people were a happier and healthier lot.

If we want to remain healthy and save our environment we need to stop millions of tons of plastic that continue to leak into nature causing irreversible damage to all living beings and the planet.

What do you feel? I am sure many of us are doing our bit in making this planet a better place, do share it with the readers at large so that many can implement them and contribute to the cause.



Pillars, concrete, skyscrapers,

greens gobbled up by the greys

the natural rocky terrain

bulldozed recklessly,

fly overs crisscrossing

a congested mayhem prevails.


Erratic weather, hotter summers

whimsical moods of the rains

winters gone into hibernation,

the starry night sky enshrouded

under a perpetual veil of smog.


Commuters braving the

serpentine traffic lines

inching ahead at snails pace

blatant disregard to rules

patience a waning virtue

burdened by stress and chaos.


Calm and relaxed lifestyle

seems to be a dream of yore.

Where is my city heading to,

in the name of progress,

Can’t it see the deadly noose

waiting to choke it to death?



Please pardon my rant…..the result of getting stuck in a traffic jam for over 2 hours!

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