Solo Driving Expedition!


Wanting to learn driving, I enrolled myself in a driving school. Well the month long class was great, and I felt confident of driving around on my own. Next couple of times, I drove around for short distances with husband by my side, guiding me and giving me the much required support and confidence. Well finally the day arrived when I had to take the car out all by myself.

With my heartbeat racing, nervous but telling myself that I could do it, I set out.  The drive was pretty decent for a first timer after an initial jerky start. By the time I arrived at my destination, I was feeling really happy about how I drove.

After completing my work, I got back into the car and started off.  I had  just got onto a flyover and saw that there was a massive line-up of vehicles, literally bumper to bumper. The traffic was moving at snail’s pace. Now the panic mode set in. All my confidence and feel good factor vanished into thin air! I could only inch forward, constantly oscillating between the clutch and break. When I tried to go ahead the car would move back as I was on an incline. I don’t know how many times I chanted a prayer to the Lord, pleading him to get me out of the traffic snarl. Maybe He did hear my prayer. I somehow did manage to come out of the mayhem unscathed but sweating profusely because of the tension. The drive on that flyover which normally takes a couple of minutes, took almost 45 minutes. You could imagine my ordeal.  What a relief it was reach back home without a mishap. I offered a heartfelt thank you to God for bailing me out of the mess.

This  was many years ago. Have been driving ever since.  Now when I look back at it, I smile at my nervous yet successful first time solo driving expedition!

In response to the daily prompt : Nervous


The Wait……



Waiting for her to pick us up,

As she used to many seasons ago,

The memories of those playful times still fresh,

Dressed in her pretty frock and sweet smile,

Her tiny hands cuddling us fondly,

Sleeping beside her pink pillow

Under the dimly lit night lamp,

Sharing her world of dreams and emotions,

Alas, now lost in oblivion,

Sitting quiet and gathering dust,

We wait for that little best friend of ours,

Who is now all grown up and long forgotten us!


In response to Tanya’s poetry challenge # 5


Colleen’s Tanka Challenge # 18- Touch & Charm


Feel and reflect on

the flickering thoughts of mind,

ravel its beauty

in a meditative trance,

drifting across the cosmos.


I have used” feel and beauty” for “touch and charm.”

In response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Poetry # 18 challenge – Charm & Touch



Memorising formulae and equation

always gave me tension.

Finding the algebraic x and y,

left me wondering why?

Decimals or fractions

would elicit no reaction!

Trigonometry and geometry

rhymed with only the “metry”

Factors and calculus

left me nauseous!

Math was a conundrum

which always left me so glum!


In response to the daily prompt : Conundrum

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

Today is present, give it to your best. For tomorrow it becomes past. A memory! Create memories that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. A collection of beautiful memories years later, becomes Nostalgia!!

I remember having attended typing classes during my summer holidays. Oh, what fun it was to type sheets of paper and feel so elated at my typing speed !!
Tic toc the horse trots…….this cute little horse fulfilled every little child’s dream of riding !!
The humble old sewing machine created magic with fabric !!
Listening to the radio was a favourite pastime in days of yore before the technology took control of our lives! 
The paper remains the same………the headlines keep changing!!
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