C – Colors and Contrasts!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

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Nature’s moods define irised emotions, as she chooses from an ever-changing palette of shades and textures. Her aesthetic artistry beholds the eyes, with enchanting rapture. She exhibits a wide array of colors and contrasts.

Dreamy dawn’s diffused crimson, to dusk’s bold streaks of lavender and amethyst

azure blue expanse in conversation with white billowy nimbus

broody overcast sky burdened with dark charcoal clouds

dry arid earthy brown to the lush green forest canopy

serene aqua waters subdued by the tempestuous grey ire of the undulating waves

spirited tones of spring to monochrome of winter

lambent twinkling stars gleaming in the bosom of the velvety black yonder

the slumberous water shimmering under the glowing silver radiance of the moonlight

From vibrant to muted tints, nature encompasses a motley of chromatic hues in her persona. Seasonal changes, alter her composition and colors, yet their confluence paints a captivating mural of the landscape. She is in complete harmony in all her avatars.

Shouldn’t the same be true for us as well? We are all of different skin tones, belonging to distinct cultures, having varied personalities. So why is it that we engage in discrimination against fellow beings? Isn’t it time for us to practice universal brotherhood as one mankind?

Different strokes and colors

cohabit under the infinite sky

one red flows through our bodies,

each breath and heartbeat resonating

 a similar emotional tinge.

They bask under the sole yellow sunshine

glow under the radiance of the same moonlight.

Sounds of laughter and the tears of pain, are alike

hunger pangs and prayers are of identical hue.

When mankind is of one color,

then why the differences?

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