Chromatic Band!

Rainbow, Coast, Sunset, Beach, Sky, Sea, Ocean, Travel

Arched spectrum of light

a tinge of transient motley

harbinger of luck

Fluorescent ribbons

a prismatic pageantry

sparkling showstopper

Heaven’s palette smiles

cascading colors dazzle

riveting encore

A haiku poem for Eugenia’s weekly prompt Rainbow


Sidlak # 2 -Friends


Blessed is one

 with a friend beside,

whose loyalty is steadfast

amid the changing weather,

ever in your heart, in the sands of time

painting your life, with the hues of the rainbow!


A happy friendship day to all my fellow bloggers !


Know Sidlak:

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.


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