Just be!

In response to Susi’s haiku challenge # 10.

ic: Susi Bocks

Bonds asphyxiate

life, a discordant melee

sour relationship

Dissolve toxic moods

shed the stale veil of ego

stay calm and just be

Reflective thinking

synergy of mind and thoughts

ties blossom again.

Sometimes relationships or close bonds feel suffocated with overpowering proximity. The feeling of each being right, blinds their vision to see that each is stifling the other.They just need some space away from each other to ponder and reflect. This small step does wonders to revive the love in the relationship.

Do share your views on this.


Faces of Water

Draped in a sheer white satin robe

gushing down with vigour and zest

the grandeur of its portrait so magnificent

behold the boundless beauty of the waterfall.


A curvy brook flowing through the forest

when it adorns a placid and quiet demeanour

it’s balletic nimble flow with a gurgling sound

casts a spell of serenity.


At times it unveils it’s most dreaded face

it’s  wrath and fury spare none

the ire of it’s gigantic waves and deluge

inundates all without pardon.


It can sedate the fieriest of fires

a long drawn battle at times

between its dynamism and the blazing flames

finally, it’s all powerful nature prevails.


When the soft rays of dawn

touch the turquoise blue water

it’s pristine water mirrors an image so pure

it turns reflective and slips into meditative bliss.

Image courtesy : google

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