B – Boundless Blessings!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I.

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The road trip I undertook recently with friends was a refreshing and much needed break for me, away from the busyness of life. Along with some great company, I experienced true beauty of unblemished nature. The confluence of the myriad tints of nature paints an imagery, of surreal splendor. It wows the mortals with its eloquent grace and calms the troubled mind instantly.

Human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man. – Unknown

Driving through the changing vistas, panoramic beauty unfolded. We stopped by, enamored by nature’s bewitching charm. Alighting out of the car, I witnessed a surreal experience. Words fail to describe its beauty and my emotions.

“The tantalizing morning rays fell on the glistening glades of grass, as I felt their springy freshness beneath my feet. The dew drops capturing the prismatic hues on its tip, gave me a welcoming smile. Lavender blooms of the lush fields beyond, danced with a gentle gait, as I caressed them with a fond emotion. The winding rivulet giggled as I watched my face glow, in its reflective mirror. I enjoyed the candid conversations of the cumulous clouds. The whispering winds serenaded my weary soul with tales from faraway lands, as the misty fragrance of its ethereal purity, filled my senses.”

And I thought to myself, “When a just a wondrous glimpse of nature warms the heart with boundless blessings, why does man imprison himself in cubicles of concrete, devoid of viridity, in the name of progress?”


On top of the world!

man sitting on cliffhanger looking at mountain under gloomy clouds

The call of the mountains beckoned my nomadic soul and restless feet. A day long drive, took me to the foothills of the mountains, away from the mediocrity of a city dweller’s life.

Next morning, I was greeted by warm sunshine. Fully rested, I checked my backpack for all essentials and began my hike.  I have always found the mountains alluring. They calm my muddled mind. The ascent was uneventful. Eventually after a day long trek, I reached the summit by early evening.

The sight that welcomed me was surreal. The beautiful imagery of that moment is still vividly etched in my mind. Its infinite and all-encompassing space was so gratifying. The tantalizing sunlight appeared to be giving a parting kiss, to the snow-clad peaks, embracing the horizon in a crimson blush. The white billowy clouds drifted gently in the purple heavens. The eventide mountain air whispered scattered tales from across the expansive skyline. The refreshing fragrance of their ethereal purity filled my senses. I sat there for hours as twilight faded into a duvet of inkiness. The glitterati of the dazzling stars shone their magical light on me.  In solitude, amid the tranquil landscape, I soaked in its mesmerizing beauty and sacredness of God’s creation. Mother Nature lulled me to slumber on her lap, under her star-studded night sky.

Satiated with the abundance of nature’s energy, my soul drank in the divine elixir of this celestial experience. I was ready to take on the challenges of life ,with a resurgent spirit.

heavenly summit

an elysian paradise


Eugi’s weekly prompt : Summit


Tuesday 20 word story prompt: Rejuvenation

Jamie Hines@pixabay.com

Celebrating the silver jubilee reunion, sitting in their classrooms, indulging in nostalgic memories, a spirit of euphoric rejuvenation enveloped them.


What rejuvenates you? Do share! Have a lovely Sunday!!

My Sanctuary!

In response to secretkeeper’s prompt # 176, to use the 5 words in a poem/fiction.


I have attempted an Haibun for the same.


I break away from the frenzy of the turbid city life and head towards nature, to be lost in its ever welcoming arms. As I cross the city limits the landscape beckons me with an alluring gentleness. The early morning rays make a dazzling appearance behind the tangerine hues of the horizon. The green meadows revel in a golden glow of the radiant light.

I walk bare feet on the wet blades of grass, my hands feel the pregnant buds ready to bloom. I inhale the sweet fragrance of the flowers, and admire the meandering butterflies, as every sense organ of my body is recharged. The mind dances with delight at the tranquil surroundings which envelope me. I am awake to every passing moment as the energy from the intangible and sublime elements of nature converge into my inner most core. My heart sways to the soulful melody of nature’s song without words. These moments of solitude in nature is my sanctuary away from the humdrum of life.

Nature’s bonanza

kaleidoscopic marvel


Haibun is a Japanese genre of  combining prose  with a haiku (5\7\5 syllables). The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.

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