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A to Z Challenge – Nature and I

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Imagine a morning scene unfold in a metropolis. There is a mad frenzy in houses, roads, stations, to reach school, workplace or where ever one is headed to. Man, always seems to be in a rush, stressed out for time, on the run, all the time. All this leads to a total burn out. Pressure and hurrying always hinders productivity.

If you have keenly observed nature, you will realize that it is never in a hurry to do things. Each event in nature occurs precisely at the time it is meant to. No matter what the situation is, unlike us humans, it is never in a hurry. The sun rises and sets at the same time, a seed takes its own time to sprout, a flower blooms at its own pace and the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly cannot be rushed. No external pressure or deadline alters its pace. A flowing river never hurries. They just flow, rejoicing the journey.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu

Isn’t it such an important lesson for us to inculcate into our life? When nature can manage her vast empire at a relaxed pace, why can’t we? All we need to do is to slow down, breathe and connect o nature. It is important to enjoy the process of learning and growing, the process of “becoming” in that journey. The more space and time we give to us, the faster we will realize our dreams.

Life is too short to hurry and too long for heartache and worry – Bill Butler

It’s only the present moments that make life memorable. Every now and then it is important to rest, tune our goals and approach it with greater vigor. It is so important to get into the flow of things at a relaxed pace.

a sprint against time

relax pace, join dots of life

realign approach


Juxtaposing Mornings!


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A typical weekday morning in urban households is a mad rush against time. In most Indian homes, the chores and noise decibels  are directly proportional 🙂 . Waking up kids, getting them ready for school on time, the mixer whirring in the background, preparation of breakfast and feeding your picky child, packing lunch boxes for school and office, maid working around, the doorbell ringing, cell phone beeping,….it is literally a battle zone where every minute is crucial. And  god forbid, on just one of those bad days you hit the snooze button an extra few times, then the domino effect takes place spiraling the chaos beyond control. By the time you step out of home to head to work, you are totally exhausted. I think many will relate to this cacophonic morning ritual.

Change of scene….

Last week we happened to go on a short vacation. I woke up to a beautiful leisurely morning. Stepping out of the room, I had all the time to myself.  Believe me, nothing prepared me for the marvel of nature that was to unfold.

Idling on the hammock, I watched the blue yonder peeping between the green parasol of leaves, with its glorious heavenly smile. Wisps of clouds drifted along merrily. The gentle  rays of dawn cascaded coyly between the verdant hues with a prismatic glow. It was truly a sight to behold. The moist sea breeze softly caressed my body, whispering stories of the ebbing waves. The plethora of sounds of nature I heard, felt surreal. The chirps of the many birds, trill of the insects, rustling of the leaves, buzzing bees along with meandering butterflies, greeting pretty blooms and roar of the ocean waves….. Nature’s morning raga was divinely melodious. I lost the sense of time, enthralled by its picturesque harmony.

I couldn’t help but mull over the juxtaposing mornings!


V.J’s weekly challenge # 88 : Domino effect

Eugi’s  weekly prompt : Glorious

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Alphabet Q – Quiet Moments

A to Z Challenge


Hectic, stressful, chaotic, challenging, mundane, exciting, frenzied are some of the words I am sure many of us use to describe our lifestyle. Running behind deadlines, achieving targets, paying bills, friends and families, we’ve all become experts at multitasking! Always on the move we seem to have forgotten to take a breather, relax to enjoy those quiet moments.

While unfortunately our life is very fast paced, we can steal in some quiet moments to recharge ourselves. The quiet moments with nature is truly therapeutic.

Break away from the stress

tune into nature’s rhythm

serene prescription!

( The above is a Haiku to enjoy the quiet moments)

Sharing a few pictures of the mesmerizing nature which is a panacea for relaxing the tired mind!



Meet Mr. Popular


Some people are born lucky, some with a silver spoon, some are blessed with a gift of the gab, while a few have an intellectual chip in their brain yet others are bestowed with good looks .

I do not warrant an introduction. I am the universal darling of the masses! People all around the world adore me and always look forward to my arrival.

My name has a special significance. I guess, at the time of my birth, the planetary positon of my stars were in a perfect sync with the astrological charts, which explains my acclaim and fame. My name means:

Fun, feast, happiness, relaxation, rejuvenation…

At the mere mention of my name, I see a twinkle in the eyes, the face lights up to a perfect smile and the excited mind sets out to chalk out an itinerary of ideas. Be it the young or the old, I am a hot favourite with all. I am the most pampered among all my siblings. They all envy my status, specially my immediate junior. My personality calls for a celebration with family and friends over a feast. I spell a sense of glee among the youngsters hanging out with friends. Did you know that many find me therapeutic too? I give a much needed refresher and breather to tired working feet and minds from their relentless rut, to unwind and relax. I am sure you all agree with me that a healthy body and mind make a healthy living. So, I use my magic potion to wipe away the rust accumulated during the week. I detox and declutter their minds and homes and infuse them with positive energy.

Seriously I revel in all the fanfare, adulation, and attention showered on me. I have been voted the most popular and preferred personality of the universe. No prizes for guessing my name…….

I am a SUNDAY  🙂 :-)…….I can see you break into a smile at the mention of my name, am I right?


Image courtesy : fotosearch.com

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