Haiku – The Cactus!

selective focus photo of orange flower
Daniel Tuttle@unsplash.com

The lonesome heart pines

lost in the barren landscape

stoic demeanor

Scorching cloudless sky

survives the parched desert heat

resilient soul

Spiked outer armor

smiles through the blistered needles

a vibrant blossom


I – Insignificance!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I

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Man is an integral part of nature, connected very intimately to it. The breath he takes, the water he drinks and the flow of energy, all emanate from nature. Our planet is just a dot in the infinite cosmic universe, and man no matter who he is, a leader or commoner, rich or poor, is cohabited within this dot. If we picture this relation from a bird’s eye view, from that perspective, realization dawns that, what we assume to be gigantic problems troubling us, appears tinier than a speck. Our entire outlook to facing challenges undergoes a radical shift. It equips us with an armor to tackle the issue without getting perturbed.

Imprisoned longings, whispered sighs,

borrowed peace, vintage memory,

constant compromises, teary emotions,

Life’s problems troubles me in a loop

seeking solace, I walk by the sandy shores at dawn.

I watch my footprints on the sands of time

to be washed away by the ebbing tide.

I realize my myopic worries, seem a trickle

in the expansive vastness.

The damp redolence of the saline breeze

washes away my turbulent cacophony

filling me with propitious resilience.


A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

Cherry Laithang@unsplash.com

Darkness and light are an integral phenomenon of nature. Darkness is essential to appreciate light. Metaphorically, the problems or pain in life is akin to darkness. The hurdles or challenges people undergo are universal. Nobody’s life is all light and bright. Shadows eclipse our life without a warning. Many a time, when the fear of being devoured by the tunnel of blackness grips us, light seems elusive. We feel vulnerable under its burden. Anxiety, fear and pain confounds us when we are hit by a stumbling block, be it an illness, broken relationship or financial set back. But one must always remember, behind every dark patch, there is a warm grace of sun waiting to shine upon us. Being able to tap into our hidden inner strengths, to overcome the problem on hand, being open to the learnings from it, helps us put on the armor of resilience to bounce back stronger.

In pain there is power of healing – Wayne Dyer

It is easier said than done. While in pain we wallow in a whining emotion. We further go down into the abyss of nihility. Yet, somewhere from the corner of our heart, we hear a faint whisper or a tiny ray of light urging us to walk towards it. The struggles we endure, helps us grow.

All darkness vanished, when I saw the light within my heart. – Kabir

The glitter of the twinkling stars and the radiance of the moon can be appreciated only in the blackness of night. They are not intimidated by the darkness and shine to their full potential radiating a luminous sparkle. Often, they are a beacon of light to the lost soul.  

somber feelings flood

tiny ray of hope conquers

resurgence of light

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The Diagnosis!

Image credit; Gennaro Leonardi @ Pixabay

The diagnosis, screeched their busy schedules to a grinding halt,

causing a major upheaval, it cast a somber shadow of gloom.

Allaying their fears, they emerged from the shocking daze,

draped their pain with a tapestry of mental resilience.

Chucking their jobs, they filled their bucket list with wishes unlimited,

 set out to live the handful of remaining life, fulfilling each of them.

They traveled far and wide, discovered new facets about each other,

laughed to their hearts content, indulged in childish pranks.

In a battle against time, they walked down the reminiscent boulevard,

energizing their grieving hearts with gracious gratitude.

Savoring every moment together, they lived life to the fullest,

creating beautiful memories, before death would do them apart.

Sadje’s WDYS prompt


Breakthrough, Wall, Opening, Stone Wall, Freedom
ic:peggy marco@pixabay.com

Trapped in the abyss of void

consumed by darkness

walking on a tightrope

vacillant steps

the fall inevitable.


Timely intervention

oodles of patience

prodding, gentle unmasking

comforting reassurances

demystifying obscurity.



Finally, a visage of hope

monstrous mind slayed

purpose refocused

perseverance paid off

life saved.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #144 : Breakthrough

Stressful lifestyle is one of the major factors that cause an emotional imbalance in people today, leading to many mental health challenges, depression being one of them. It is extremely important to identify this issue and provide timely intervention and counseling to such patients, in the absence of which it may lead to suicidal tendencies too.



Healing Sea!

ic: Akshay Premjith@ pixabay

Fractured dreams lie scattered

pathos looms large

over whelming emotions of life ebb

raucous din reverberates.


As I walk on the sandy shores at morn

timeless whispers of the undulating waves

play a song ,

the consonance of the tides

ring in a reflective melody.


I watch my footprints in the sands of time,

to realize, my illusionary myopic worries

seem to be a minuscule speck,

in the expansive vastness.


The damp redolence of saline breeze

cleanse my emotional core

washing away the chaotic cache,

filling me with propitious vigor!


V.J’s weekly challenge: MorningV.J’s weekly challenge: Morning

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Song

Sadje’s :What do you see challenge # 20


Twin Haikus!

In response to Ronovanwrites haiku challenge #223, to use the prompt words

Rise & Fall!



Barrage of words spew

when emotions rise and fall

sanity succumbs!


Life’s failure looms large

strong resilient spirit

rise of the phoenix!



Celebrations – Spirit & joy

Happy anniversary Colleen. Wishing you many more. It’s always a pleasure writing for your prompts!




time to celebrate a year

the festive spirit

haiku, tanka or haibun

poetry that brings us joy!



Resilient spirit

tough challenges accomplished

the heart swells with joy!


In response to Colleen’s poetry challenge #52 (Anniversary special) – Spirit & Joy


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