Alphabet S – Sick

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Streaming eyes, runny nose

tickling sneeze, croaking voice,

Oh! what’s wrong with me I wonder?

Endless tissues drenched in the flow

Aaachooo……there goes one more!

I feel lousy, my head is so sore.

A look at the mirror, I see a ghost.

Aghast, ashen, I look again

only to realise that it’s me!

Hair all messed up

puffy eyes, all watery

painted itself red

wonder why my nose too

is a matching shade!

Aches and pains,

running from head to toe,

I feel so low,

like a hot frying pan,

even under the fan!

I know a visit to the doc is due.

Said he, “You are down with flu” !

The kind doctor put me on a

diet to follow and pills to swallow!

No school and lessons said he,

and I smiled with glee!

For three days I was on a roll

It’s so good for my soul,

with all the pampering and no work

I log on to the network.

TV, books and rest

I spend time in zest.

Oh, falling sick isn’t that bad after all!!



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