Masquerade of Love!

Roses, candle light dinner, gifts and a romantic ambiance. A perfect picture to upload on social media. She was lost in the daze of the likes, comments and envy the valentine special picture would evoke from her online friends. She only hoped that the people would remain oblivious of the charade they were putting up to maintain their social status and fail to see the widening rift in their relationship.

beneath the façade

empty hearts bereft of love

cosmetic pretense

Sadje’s WDYS #121



My lonely heart flying solo in the blue yonder

felt the expansive emptiness engulf me

my lingering sighs, shushed by the gusty breeze.


 I saw you fly by me, my heart skipped a beat

your ambrosial beauty painted a portrait of love

beneath the panoramic sky, the winds now whispered romantic poetry.

Wooing you in all earnest, I set about

scripting a love story filled with alluring dreams.


Two love birds,

pecking in rapturous delight

perched high up, sing songs of glee.


 it was love at first flight!

Sadje’s WDYS # 98

Cheated in Love…

Endearing moments, amorous feelings

romantic hearts seal, a promise of “ and forever…”

Rendezvous under the silky darkness

 whisper echoes of sweet nothings

stoking the flame of frenzy,

 whorls of scarlet emotions flow.

Heady tangled intoxication

tastes the elixir of passion.

The morning zephyr

blows the embers of rhapsody

 only the charred remains linger.

Her naïve heart,

misread his illegible scribbles, for love.

Broken dreams scatter into oblivion

teary eyes blur the memory of intimacy

painful scars etched, heartbroken,

her vulnerability is there for all to see.

Sadje’s What do you see #72

V. J’s weekly challenge : Con

Romancing the Mountains!

Pristine clouds waft

at their own pace

dance with the winds

crooning careless whispers

The mighty Himalayas

sentries of the north citadel

rugged and macho, stand tall

their persona emits a majestic aura

Beneath a misty veil

a rendezvous at the peak

kisses moist with the icy breeze

they entwine in a flirtatious embrace

A dreamy passion lingers

the heaven rising affair

casts a mystic allure

inks an ethereal romance.

In response to V.J’s weekly challenge #102 : Pace

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Mighty

Fabric of Love!

On a cold wintry evening

romantic lovers entwine

patches of rapturous emotions.

The twilight breeze brings

with it, a scent of love.

The hearts braid together

an intimate conversation

beneath the layers of scarlet chiffon.

Dreams of passion weave

intricate designs of rhapsodic rhythm.

Threads seam in total surrender

to paint bold strokes of red.

Fervent kisses sew a sensuous hem,

motifs of tender caress lace it,

sealing it with an intense fusion.

Oh! the romantic soul is draped

with an amorous blanket!

Thursday poetry competition.

Tweaked up an old poem of mine.

Mystic Magic!


The wondrous sky reflects a mystic grace as

the pearly moon casts a shimmer on the tranquil waters.

With an earnest prayer to bring her back,

the soul rows on, into the shadowy depths of a cerulean reverie

gathering the remnants of the once blossoming romance.

The benevolent stars illuminate her reflective heart

serenades a sanguine tune, a buoyant spirit smiles.

What do you see #7

Day 10 – Love at first sight!

Continuing the Valentine Special series, each day of the month, I will highlight a different facet of love in the form of a haiku. Hope you stay with me throughout this month long journey with all your support and love.


One look, sparks fly,  insane heart beats and magic happens. That’s love at first sight  A mere look at that somebody,  makes the heart go crazy. At times it’s only one person who has the butterfly in the stomach feeling while the other one not necessarily feeling the same. But if the feeling is mutual, the eyes lock , they are lost in a magical world, oblivious of their surroundings.

Eyes lock, time stands still

heart beats at a frenzied pace

struck by cupid’s dart.

Moon Magic


As a kid, sitting at the back seat of the car and peering out of the window amused me. I remember, looking at the moon who had cute face, like that of a bunny rabbit. Often I felt that it was trying to tell me a different story every time I saw it. Sometimes it seemed to be burdened by grief, while at times it was full of mischief but most times it had a happy face. Oh, I was sure it loved me so much, that it kept following my car. So much for the innocence of a child 🙂 🙂 !!

The moon captivated so many young children with its fascinating tales. It enticed them with fairies and goblins, mythological narratives, adventure and drama. Mothers sang soothing lullaby’s to children to cajole them to slumber, under the benign glance of the moonlight. The children wondered in awe at its ability to change shape. Some questions always intrigued the kids. How did it manage to go on a strict diet and shrink and at the turn of a magic wand, suddenly start to put on weight and get back to its original shape? They loved it when it played peek a boo with the clouds. But why did it do a disappearing act once a month? These questions were always on the children’s mind, till they grew a little older and understood the phenomenon.

The mystical moon has always been a photographer’s delight. Just like a beautiful damsel, it sure does know which face to put forward for the shutterbugs. Be it the bold and the beautiful or a coy and blushing bride, it can dress up in myriad hues and avatars. It loves to flirt across the dark expansive sky, fleetingly kissing the clouds on its path.  It enchants a poet’s pen and an artist’s brush to create a master piece depicting its eternal beauty.

The silver halo of the moonlight conjures up romance between the loving hearts. From its celestial abode it casts a luminous shadow to pique the lover’s passion. Inspired by its pearlescent demeanour, romantic verses flow from the beloved’s heart. The beau likens the beauty of his sweetheart’s face to the ageless and radiant beauty of the moon. The misty and mellow moonlight, is a witness to the embrace and sublime union of the souls in love.


It arrives into the heavenly canvas

spreading its soft silver rays

to light up the dark alleys, guiding lost souls

gently cradling them to a world of dreams.

Many a tale it narrates on its journey

of love, beauty and betrayal.

Its mystic charm has many fans

who dedicate numerous odes in its praise.

The moon and its magic are always special!



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Tanka Poetry #1 – Moonlight

Thanks Maniparna for introducing me to another new form of poetry!

The velvety sky

bathed in the sliver glow,

sets a perfect stage,

igniting spark and passion,

on the romantic lovers !

Tanka is a poetry form which originated in Japan more than 13 centuries ago. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of love, self-reflection, and gratitude. It contains five lines and 31 syllables in the form of 5-7-5-7-7.

Image courtesy: google

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