The Red Rose!


Confined to home due to the lockdown, Samir had ample time at hand. Staying alone, Netflix had become his best friend.  

That night he watched a horror movie. Though a brave heart, this particular movie left him terrified. Cursing himself for watching it, he went to bed. The scenes from the film kept haunting him before he finally dozed off.

He saw a hooded faceless lady walk through the wall and give him a rose. There was something so sinister about her smile. Sweating profusely, he woke up with a start. Relieved that it was just his hallucination and a bad dream, he turned to go back to sleep.

And then, he saw it…

Paralysed with fear, he could hear his heart hammer against his chest. He tried to scream but his voice choked within.  A spine tingling sensation began to creep up as he began gasping for breath.

 For next to him on the bed lay a red rose…

Reena’s exploration Challenge # 155 : Horror


Daily prompt – Thorny


The thorny stem

doesn’t deter the rose

from radiating its beauty.

The petals woven so delicately

in a myriad hues, so appealing

diffusing its fragrance, so divine

swaying in the breeze, so gently.

It imparts a lesson for all

to cling on to our

hopes and dreams

steadfast and determined,

in spite of the thorns in life

to blossom with grace ,

to an embodiment of perfection!

Tanka Poetry # 2 – Blossom


As the tender buds

so delicately woven

unfurls its petals,

A floral blushing beauty,

Magical sight to behold!

Tanka is a poetry form which originated in Japan more than 13 centuries ago. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of love, self-reflection, and gratitude. It contains five lines and 31 syllables in the form of 5-7-5-7-7.




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